Google Fonts WordPress Plugin – Easily Add Google Web Fonts To WordPress With The Free Microthemer Lite Plugin

Microthemer as a tool for customizing WordPress Themes has just got even better. The recent release of version 2 means that users can customize absolutely ANY WordPress theme with Microthemer instead of relying solely on Theme Packs. Now, Microthemer is a Google Fonts WordPress Plugin; Microthemer’s versatility can be leveraged to apply Google Web Fonts to any WordPress Theme without having to write any CSS code or mess around with external CSS stylesheets. The plugin takes care of everything.

To see how easy it is to apply Google Fonts with Microthemer, please watch this short video.

One of the main advantages of using Microthemer as a Google Fonts WordPress Plugin is that it allows you to experiment with a number of different fonts very rapidly without having to manually adjust the Google Fonts stylesheet URL every time you want to try out a different Google Font. Microthemer automatically adjusts which Google Fonts are loaded from Google’s server in accordance with the number of unique fonts you apply in Microthemer.  So you don’t need to worry about potential performance issues arising from loading unnecessary font files.

Also, unlike other Google Font Plugins like WP Google Fonts, Microthemer allows you to visually browse Google Fonts directly from the plugin page, rather than having to lookup the fonts elsewhere and then select them from a drop down menu. Further more, with Microthemer’s “Double-click to edit” feature, you are completely free to apply Google Fonts to any text you like. If you can see it on the page you can edit it!

The Free version of Microthemer can be downloaded from Themeover or (you’re limited to editing 9 “things” with the free version e.g. Heading 1s, Paragraphs, The Site Title, Lists, Blockquotes etc). And if you run into any problems adding your Google Fonts to WordPress, friendly help is available on our dedicated support forum.

Or if you’ve seen enough already, you can purchase Microthemer now. Themeover offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee!

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