Microthemer Lite

The Microthemer Lite free trial gives you full editing features and customer support. The only difference is that it limits you to editing/creating 9 'selectors'. A selector targets an individual element on the page (e.g. a button) or a set of elements such as 'all buttons on a website'. The free trial has no expiry date.

Free Trial Image


Get the download link

Note: in addition to the download link email, you will also receive a one-off invite to join our MailChimp mailing list, which you can accept or ignore.


Download & Install

  • Click the download link we have sent to your inbox.
  • Install Microthemer like any other WordPress plugin.



  • Use Microthemer Lite for as long as you like (no expiry date).
  • Read the documentation to learn how to use the program.
  • Post on our forum if you need help or just want to start a discussion.
  • Purchase a license for the full program any time.