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Customize ANY WordPress Theme with Microthemer: The intuitive visual design Plugin for WordPress. No need to learn HTML or CSS code. Just double-click anything on your web page to re-style it! So easy that Programmers prefer it to coding! Watch our demo video now.

Incredible new responsive web design feature added! Preview your site in different screen sizes and easily apply styling for specific devices (e.g. large desktop, tablets, phones) without writing a lick of code. Check out this Microthemer tutorial that explains things further.

New: You can now download a Free Trial of Microthemer before you buy!
And Themeover's no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee still applies.

Microthemer is a premium WordPress Theme Editor plugin that puts the joy of web design into the hands of non-technical WordPress users. Microthemer goes beyond token styling options for just changing background colours and links. It gives users precise control over virtually every element of their WordPress website. If you've always wanted design control but lacked the know-how, this WordPress Theme Editor was made for you!

“You my friend are an absolute genius pal... do you realise what you have created with this plugin? It's freaking awesome. If you were here I'd defo buy you a beer or 3!” Stephen Robinson

Latest News

Google Fonts WordPress Plugin – Easily Add Google Web Fonts To WordPress With The Free Microthemer Lite Plugin

Microthemer as a tool for customizing WordPress Themes has just got even better. The recent release of version 2 means that users can customize absolutely ANY WordPress theme with Microthemer instead of relying solely on Theme Packs. Now, Microthemer is a Google Fonts WordPress Plugin; Microthemer’s versatility can be leveraged to apply Google Web Fonts to any WordPress Theme without having to write any CSS... Read More

Much Improved Microthemer Version 2 Officially Released!

Microthemer version 2 has now been officially released. Existing customers can update automatically via their WordPress dashboard for FREE. We’ve updated the video guides to illustrate the new interface and features. Note: you can also access tutorials, video guides and search the forum from within the program now! Watch This Short Promo Video To Get To Grips With The New Interface &  “Killer Feature” Additional... Read More

Latest Tutorials

Specifically Targeting Phones & Tablets Etc With Microthemer – Responsive Design Using Media Queries The Easy Way

Every now and then a new feature is added that makes Microthemer a lot better. This has happened again recently with the release of Microthemer 2.5.5. A previous release introduced tabs in the styling options for targeting different devices, but a problem existed. A problem that always exists when it comes to designing responsively. It’s a real pain dragging the browser window around all the... Read More

Avoiding Save Errors After Editing Lots Of Selectors By Using The SpeedUp Button

Since the release of Microthemer 2.4.6,when you leave the Microthemer UI and then come back to it, Microthemer will no longer remember the arrangement of open sections and selectors. All sections and selectors will be closed initially. You can override this default behaviour (via the Preferences page) and make Microthemer remember what sections/selectors were open as it did prior to 2.4.6, but there are good... Read More

Forum Activity

Remove all CSS changes made with Microtheamer

Hi, I see that even deactivathing the plugin CSS changes still reamin active. How do I see all CSS rules added by Microtheamer, and how do I deactiva…

Microthemer and Wealthy Affiliates (again)

Hi there, I didn’t want to bother Sebastian again. So if anyone has had the same problem, they could point me in the right direction. I have in…

Apply css globally

Hi, just bought the plug-in and I love it. Anyway, is there a way to apply my changes globally. In concrete I have an event plug-in (Calendarize.It).…

Microthemer and Wealthy Affiliates

Hi there, Is anyone using Wealthy Affiliates for website development. If so have they managed to unlock their Microthemer? – If you have, IR…

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    "Pure genius. Been looking for something like this for YEARS. Brilliant!"Chris Parks

    "I’ve been having a play with this tonight, and it is one of those rare gems that you come across, a definite 5 stars from me." Indie-Film

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