Add Google Fonts To Your WordPress Site

Microthemer has an in-built Google font library. It is very easy to experiment with different Google Fonts by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site and go to the Microthemer workspace.
  2. Double-click an element you want to style with a Google Font.
  3. Create a selector for targeting the element by giving it a descriptive name and save it in a folder.
  4. Click on the font styles icon in the top menu bar.
  5. From the font family drop down menu choose the first item on the list: Google Fonts…
  6. The Google font library appears. From here you can preview all the fonts in various weights and styles. You can sort them by popularity, trending, alphabetical or number of style variations available.
  7. Select the font and the weight/style you want to use and click the Use This Font link to apply it.
  8. You should see the effect of your changes immediately (or after a very short delay while the font is downloaded from Google).
  9. The Google Font you selected will be displayed in a new field that appears to the right of the general font-family field. Note: Microthemer includes the variation e.g. (normal) or (italic 700) in brackets so that Microthemer can download the correct font file (and only that font file) from Google.
  10. You can change the Google font using the Google font browse icon.