Frequently Asked Questions

Microthemer FAQs

What is Microthemer in a nutshell?

Microthemer is a WordPress CSS generator. CSS is the language of design on the web, and so you can use Microthemer to customize the default design of your theme or any plugin content. It provides a point and click visual interface so you don't have to write the CSS code yourself. Microthemer has been around for many years and has a large fan base of non-coders and experienced programmers.

Will I lose Microthemer edits if I update my theme?

Your Microthemer styles are completely safe when you update your parent or child theme. That's the beauty of controlling styling via a plugin – plugins are not affected by theme updates. Microthemer restyles your WordPress site in a non-destructive way. It simply creates an alternative stylesheet:


This stylesheet has style rules that the browser applies instead of the styles in your theme because they have higher CSS specificity. Microthemer doesn’t delete or modify any files in your theme. Therefore when you update the theme, nothing is lost.

Do I need to know CSS/HTML code to use Microthemer?

No, Microthemer has been developed with an equal mind for non-coders and experienced CSS developers. That said, you will enjoy Microthemer more if you are willing to learn how to read a bit of HTML and CSS code, even if you always let Microthemer generate it for you. Learning how Microthemer makes the style changes to your site will enable you to be more proficient. A little bit of knowledge goes a really long way in that respect. To start with, you can just play around with the UI controls. But that might just give you a taste for more. If so, checkout the help videos via the Help menu at the top right of the interface.

How can I see the code Microthemer generates?

You can view the CSS Microthemer generates at any time from the View > Generated CSS & JS option.

Can I remove Microthemer and still use the CSS code it generates?

You can deactivate or completely uninstall Microthemer and still make use of the styles it creates by manually including the /wp-content/micro-themes/active-styles.css . To do this:

  1. Access the Microthemer interface
  2. Go to General > Preferences > Inactive.
  3. Copy the code from the textarea to your theme's functions.php file.
  4. This code will do nothing when Microthemer is active. But if Microthemer is inactive, it will add Microthemer CSS/custom JS to your site. It will also add page-id/slug classes to the <body> tag which you might have tapped into when using Microthemer. And any Google fonts you applied with Microthemer.
  5. Because the inactive code also ensures the right Google fonts and classes are included, we recommend this method over copying and pasting Microthemer's CSS code to your theme. But you can do that too if you prefer to use Microthemer as a simple CSS generator.
  6. Rest assured that when you deactivate or uninstall Microthemer, its settings will not be deleted from the database by default. There is an option for that on the Preferences > Inactive tab, but it's off by default. So if you ever want to go back and make further edits, you can just re-install Microthemer.
  7. You may ask "Is there any need to buy the developer license if you can deactivate Microthemer"? Yes, domain licenses are non-transferable precisely because of this deactivation feature. So with the Standard license, you can only install Microthemer on 3 domains in total. Once you've reached this quota, you will need to upgrade to the Developer license in order to install Microthemer on additional domains.

Do you provide support for Microthemer?

Yes. We provide documentation and have a support forum where you can get free support. Our forum is a friendly and supportive place. Please use it as often as you need to.

Subscription FAQs

What if I only want to pay once, or cancel future payments after a while?

No problem, just go to our cancel page immediately after making your purchase or at any time during your subscription. There you will find an option to cancel future payments. This will disable the auto-renew feature, but your subscription will remain valid until the expiry date shown (e.g. one month/year after your last purchase).

Will you reward me if I maintain an active subscription?


To reward customers for maintaining an active monthly subscription for 12 consecutive months, Microthemer will switch to "No updates mode" instead of "Free trial mode" if a subscription expires after the 12th month. With "No updates mode", you will be able to carry on using Microthemer indefinitely and install it on new domains - but only the version Microthemer was at when your subscription expired, which you can always get from My Downloads

With auto-renew enabled on the yearly plan, you can save a hefty 40% on your renewal fee. If you disable auto-renew (i.e. cancel future payments), you will only be eligible for a 20% discount on future renewals.

Developer vs Standard license - are standard license domains transferable?

The only difference between the Standard and Developer licenses is the number of domains you can install Microthemer on. The developer license places no limit - you can install Microthemer on as many sites as you please.

The standard license permits installing Microthemer on 3 sites in total. So it's not possible to transfer site licenses between a rotating set of 3 domains. This is because it's a feature of Microthemer that you can completely uninstall it after making style edits, and still have the changes stick. See MTs Preferences > Inactive tab for more information on that. This is where Microthemer differs from most WP products - you don't need to keep it active on a domain in order to make use of it on that domain. As such, there would be little advantage of the developer license if the standard license allowed for domain transference.

Note: If you install Microthemer on a dev/staging domain, you can ask for it to be removed from your quota once the site is launched on the live domain. Just send us a quick message via our contact form.

What is the difference between the monthly and yearly plans?

The monthly plan gives you access to the latest version of Microthemer with the lowest upfront cost. If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to use Microthemer in full capacity. Microthemer will switch to "Free trial mode", which means you will not being able to make style edits beyond the first 15 selectors. However, the selectors and styles you added to any sites when your subscription was active will remain in place. And if you want to make additional edits, you need only reactive your monthly subscription, for a single month if you so choose. Checkout the FAQ on rewards for maintaining an active subscription above.

The yearly plans provide cost savings over the course of a year and beyond. If your subscription expires, Microthemer will switch to "No updates mode", meaning you will only be able to use the version Microthemer was at when your subscription expired, which you can always get from My Downloads. You can renew your annual subscription or switch to paying monthly anytime to get the latest version of Microthemer.

Can I upgrade and/or switch billing periods?

Yes to both. We provide very flexible options for upgrading from the standard to developer license, or switching your billing period from monthly to yearly (or vice versa). We've sprinkled in some clever maths to ensure the fairest possible pricing for upgrading/switching, taking into account your initial purchase price and how many days your subscription has been active. So you needn't worry about which plan to start with. There are no potential gains or losses in that respect.

What if I'm already paying for an existing subscription?

If you change subscription, we will automatically cancel payments for your previous subscription. You will receive an email notification confirming this.

Tell me more about your price match guarantee?

If you like Microthemer, we want you to use it. Our goal with the price match guarantee is to simplify things for you. You can forget about price comparison, and just choose the product and service you rate most highly. With the notable exception of lifetime deals, if another CSS editor is on offer, rest assured you can always get Microthemer for the same price. Please feel free to contact us of you have any questions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we only accept payments via PayPal on the website. If PayPal isn't an option for you, we can manaully create a stripe invoice for you. We will add a Stripe payment gateway to the website in the near future. Please let us know if that would be easier for you than PayPal.

Will you refund me if I decide Microthemer isn't for me?

Yes of course. We will happily provide a no fuss refund within 30 days of your purchase if you decide Microthemer isn't right for your needs.

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