Themeover is a place for WordPress theme customization

Themeover has created Microthemer – a WordPress CSS editor that allows you to customize the appearance of any WordPress theme or plugin content without writing any code.


Microthemer is Themeover’s flagship plugin

With Microthemer’s point and click to edit feature, you are free to target and style anything you can see on the page. This means there’s no limit on which themes or plugins you can restyle with Microthemer. Your style edits will be displayed on screen immediately for a satisfyingly rapid development experience. And you can easily apply different styles for different screens widths to ensure that your site looks great on mobiles and tablets. Learn more about Microthemer’s features.


You’ll be supported along the way

We have a dedicated support centre with documentation, tutorials, and a friendly forum. We always aim to get back to our customers within 24hrs, Monday to Friday. Our team understands the needs of both developers and novice users. Novice users might need more help with Microthemer. We understand this. We expect this. Please don’t be shy about asking for help when you get stuck.


We cater for experienced coders, novices, and those in between

Microthemer is very popular with both programmers, novices, and aspiring CSS coders. Both experienced and not-so-experienced coders enjoy the automation Microthemer offers and the increased proficiency this brings. Experienced coders will particularly enjoy the CSS and HTML inspection and media query features. As well as support for Sass and JavaScript events for transitions and animations. For novices, Microthemer enables the WYSIWYG approach. And to all those that venture, we extend a helping hand.


We care about both design and code

We love websites that work well across different browsers, load quickly, and follow industry best practice. We equally love good typography, solid design and intuitive user interfaces. We do not compromise on either of those, hence the code Microthemer generates is clean and organised.

We’re an independent company based in London, UK. We spend our time improving Microthemer, helping our customers by answering their questions, and creating new products.