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Customize the appearance of your WordPress theme or any content generated by plugins. Restyle anything with this intuitive and powerful visual frontend CSS editor.
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"Is there some kind of annual awards show for WP plugin developers with a category for Best Customer Support? I'll nominate you if there is." Dr. Eric C. Helmer

"Your Microthemer is such a life saver for a Creative Director/Designer like me who really dislikes coding. I am getting more and more into it with every site. I would recommend your plugin to anyone! It’s the best!" Tristan

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Are you a non-coder?

Customize things like color, background images, Google fonts, text styling, gradients, box-shadow and rounded corners after watching our 10 minute training video. Or take full control of your site layout on desktop, tablet, and mobile after reading our comprehensive CSS layout and responsive design tutorial.


Are you a developer?

Work faster and more visually by coding in CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript just above your site preview. A preview that automatically resizes to match the min/max conditions of your media queries. No switching between applications or compulsively refreshing the page. Also, no need to repeat selectors in media queries or rely on SCSS breakpoint mixins.


Customize any theme or plugin

With Microthemer's 'double-click to edit' feature you can restyle absolutely any WordPress theme or plugin. No pre-configuration is required. Microthemer is already compatible with the next super-star WordPress theme or plugin. Furthermore, you are not limited to only styling post or page content. If you can see it on the page, you can style it. Really!?

Any Theme Plugin

Live preview

See your style edits appear on screen as you apply them. This quick feedback makes for a more enjoyable theme editing experience. And if you just can't keep yourself away from the custom code editor with CSS/SASS syntax highlighting, you will love being able to see the changes on screen without having to switch your viewport or refresh the browser.

Live Preview

Huge selection of CSS styling options

Enjoy a non-watered down choice of 80+ CSS styling options. From exciting CSS3 styles like gradients, rounded corners, and box-shadow to the less jazzy essentials like font-size, position, and background images.

Css Options

Responsive design for multiple devices

Design responsive WordPress themes for tablets and mobile phones the easy way. The screen size will automatically shrink when you apply device-specific styles to save you from fiddling around with the corner of your browser window. And media query tabs will save you from constantly repeating CSS selectors.

Responsive 03

Google Fonts made easy

Experimenting with different Google fonts can be time consuming and awkward. Stop configuring complex URLs and refreshing your browser. Visually browse Google fonts (including font variations) without leaving the app and then insert with a single click.

Google Fonts

Draft mode

Try out a new design on your live site without worrying about site visitors seeing your work in progress. Draft mode changes will only be visible to you. Publish your style changes only when you're 100% happy. This is great if you're still finding your feet with the various styling options. Draft mode provides a safe environment for applying bold new changes to your site even if you're a complete novice.

Draft Mode

Add JavaScript too

Microthemer isn't just for CSS. You can use Microthemer as a complete frontend WordPress editor now that it supports custom JavaScript code. Simply type some JavaScript code and hit the Control+S keyboard shortcut. Microthemer will save your JS to a file and automatically refresh the preview. It will also detect and report any errors in your code so you don't have to fire up the browser console when things go wrong.

Javascript Supported

Friendly and supportive

We understand that some customers will need a little help making the adjustments they require with Microthemer. This is nothing to feel shy about. We want to you get the best out of Microthemer and we're always happy to help. Please head over to our friendly and supportive forum if you get stuck with anything.



  • Customize the appearance of all WP themes and plugins

    You heard that correctly. One tool allows you to customize any WordPress theme or plugin. Microthemer is smart enough to analyse whatever content WordPress generates without the need for pre-configuration.
  • Create responsive designs for multiple devices

    View your site in the exact screen width specified by your media queries. In other words, easily preview your site as if you were viewing it on phone or tablet as you design.
  • Over 80 styling options for every element you target

    Microthemer gives you fine-grained control over styling anything you target. If you want to style a link into a right-aligned button with gradients, rounded corners, text and box-shadow, a quirky google font, in upper case with plenty of padding and an icon to the left of the text — go for it!
  • Computed CSS Reporting. Inspect & Edit in one place.

    Microthemer includes Firebug-style computed CSS reporting so that you can anchor your style edits from a theme/plugin's default styling. If a heading has a bottom margin of 12px you know that setting this to 24px will double the spacing below the heading.
  • Clean, optimized code that won't slow your site down

    Surprisingly light-weight. For such a powerful plugin, Microthemer is very light on its feet. Unlike many other plugins, 95% of the code doesn't load on non-Microthemer plugin pages — so it won't slow down your site for visitors or the admin area for you.
  • Browse Google Fonts - insert with a single click

    Visually browse Google Web fonts from within Microthemer and add them to your web page with a single click. Microthemer only downloads the Google fonts you use. It takes care of Google font optimisation issues so you don't have to.
  • See your design changes on screen in a second

    No need to compulsively save your work or flick back and forth between your code editor and browser. Your style edits are saved as you do them and the frontend is reloaded automatically without the inconvenience or lag of a full page refresh.
  • Export and share your designs with the world

    Contribute to Themeover's marketplace by sharing or selling your Microthemer design packs on themeover.com. Interested parties must apply to be a Themeover author. We welcome design-oriented contributors to help us build skins and solid frontend programmers to help us build scaffolds.

Customer testimonials

"We are currently working to upgrade our website and, as non-css experts, seem to be spending forever searching for the css code we need and doing many many iterative trial and error changes. I’ve been searching for a way to make this quicker and have read so many glowing recommendations for Microthemer. I’ve tried the Lite plugin and was blown away by how amazing it was! I had no idea that a plugin could make css changes so quickly, intuitively and reliably. Huge congratulations on developing such a fantastic system."

Matt Stockdale

"Microthemer is so cool. Generally, I can just [use] firebug to find the CSS to edit, but it’s not always that easy to find the right CSS to edit – at least for me as I’m not a true developer or programmer. And then I don’t know all the css code by memory, so I then would have to find that online. Then I would need to edit the custom css, save and make sure it did what I wanted it to. Microthemer rules!"


"Yes that does work perfectly I am really happy. Microthemer is the best! I have tried a lot of products and I just love Microthemer. It feels more like Adobe InDesign for me which I love, nothing else comes close."

Robert Monroe

"This plugin is amazing, your customer support is awesome, can’t thank you enough for breathing fresh air into my old site."


"Microthemer is a great development tool. I’ve tried it with the Gantry theme/framework initially just to create custom widget boxes but by applying some negative margins and a pastel image I was able to turn the macho default into a ‘froo-froo’ girlie theme in just a few hours. Best dev toy I’ve bought this year!"


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