Microthemer Changelog (7.x)

= (November 25th, 2021) =

# Change
* When you select an element, and an existing selector targets it but in a different view (full code editor vs GUI), Microthemer notifies you about this rather than automatically switching view. This was a problem when universal selectors were used (*). And there may be other edge cases I haven't considered.

# Bugs fixed
* When using a universal selector (*), every element had blue highlighting to show you've created a selector for it. And while technically true, it obscured a useful feature.

= (November 22nd, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* Added link to new docs in Help menu.

# Change
* Icon for manually adding !important changed to look less like an error warning.

= (November 21st, 2021) =

* Public release of version 7.

# Enhancements summary
* Hundreds of UI and UX improvements.
* Dark theme.
* Searchable folders.
* Sharper icons.
* Instant (draft) selectors.
* Easier selector sorting within folders.
* More customisable toolbar layouts.
* Drag resizable panels.
* Create hover selectors more easily.
* Shortcut for setting page specific selectors.
* Special on-page breadcrumbs for tightly nested elements.
* Keyboard shortcuts reference panel.
* Set the loading order of Microthemer's stylesheet.
* Set the prefix used for page specific body classes (mtp is now the default).
* Microthemer's stylesheet can be loaded in the footer.
* Responsive HTML and CSS inspection panels.
* Computed border, padding, margin box model properties.

= (November 21st, 2021) =

# Change
* Restored V6 CSS grid control styling, as my attempt to simplify the styling came at the cost of usability.
* Current line of HTML in dark theme matches color scheme better.
* Dark theme yellow text highlight when searching folders.
* The settings toggle at the top right is hidden when the settings are permanently docked in view.

# Bugs fixed
* Oxygen device switching options did not work when loaded inside Microthemer.
* The manage packs page did not update after a fresh export of settings.
* The edit design pack icon prompted an 'Are you sure you want to delete this message'.
* The text editor did not always fill the available height when docked left.
* The checkboxes could be cropped on the 'Export' page on some screens.
* Microthemer beatified the minified CSS file when display it, so it wasn't clear if minification was working.
* Display issue when folder and editor were docked left, but styles were docked top.
* Issue with dragging Grid template areas, the controls could get stuck. And dragging anywhere outside the grid canvas removed the area (not just when dropping on the clear item).
* The CSS grid controls could get stuck when dragging the last item outside the graph area.
* Toggling the folders off didn't always bring content hidden underneath back to the top.
* In the full code view, switching the editor from docked top to docked left set it's width to zero.
* Microthemer was not remembering the cursor position for the single selector editor when switching responsive tab or between selectors.
* Disabling Beaver Builder via Microthemer's switch did not work of no changes had been made in BB.
* Scrollbars for Google fonts browser and frontend and were not dark even if dark mode was enabled.

= [beta] (November 17th, 2021) =

# Change
* Alt key must be used to enable mousewheel adjust on styles docked top (not just when docked left). This is to prevent accidentally setting values.

# Bugs fixed
* Using the Alt key to select elements only worked once.
* Renaming a folder did not work.
* Tooltip accessibility content could display on screen if the jQuery stylesheet was unloaded.

= [beta] (November 16th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Media query scope not visible in top ruler with the light theme.
* Color picker site colors refresh icon was missing.
* Pixel equivalent value under tape measure was misaligned.
* Microthemer was adding units to non-numeric values like clamp when loading the UI fields.

= [beta] (November 14th, 2021) =

# Change
* Tweaked the grid control styling.

# Enhancement
* Dark theme switch added to View menu.

# Bugs fixed
* More options icon appeared in the context menu it triggered.
* Misaligned color picker saved and sampled styles panel.
* Item number was missing from 'Item' tab in grid controls if docked left.
* Using the CSS unit adjust option next to the property name could cause a display problem if the tape measure slider was showing when clicked.
* Choosing a sampled variable or property value after expanding/resampling the options closed the menu without selecting anything.
* The folders pane continued to overlap the code editor if the code editor was docked left bu the styles were docked top.

= [beta] (November 4th, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* Microthemer's stylesheet can now be loaded in the footer.

# Change
* New icon for "Re-target selector".
* Added chevron to media query icon to indicate it can be clicked for more options.

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue with servers that disallow static HTML files - a 403 error was briefly displayed before the site preview loaded.
* Microthemer reset the default width for the current tab when switching property group, rather than keeping a custom width set by dragging the slider.
* Default WordPress form styling was overriding Microthemer's styling on some versions of WordPress.
* Legacy media queries were too long to be shown in the allocated space without the scroll arrows.
* Loading Oxygen via the Integrations menu had a false positive warning "Page not editable with Oxygen".
* Microthemer was not turning off targeting mode automatically when enabling a page builder with deep integration (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen) if it was activated via the WP toolbar menu, rather then the switch in Microthemer.
* When leaving an unsaved Oxygen page, Microthemer did not release the Oxygen post lock when exiting via the Integrations menu switch. This causes issues for re-enabling Oxygen (an MT interface refresh was needed).

= [beta] (November 2nd, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* The loading order of Microthemer's stylesheet can be customised via the preferences.
* The prefix used for page specific body classes can now be customised. And the default value (for new installs only) is 'mtp' rather than 'mt'. This change is due to a conflict with tailwind and boostrap with use e.g. .mt-4 to set margin-top, which could result in unwanted top margin on the body element.

# Bugs fixed
* Enabling Sass resulted in an error.
* 'Fold widget' error when Microthemer was loading if cursor position was left at the end of the editor. * The code editor was flagging CSS stroke properties as unknown.

= [beta] (October 20th, 2021) =

# Change
* Top bar layout, reusing some patterns from version 6 to create more space.
* The 'S' preset view keeps the device tabs at the top by default.
* Unlock system referencing 'License key' rather than email or unlock code. But users can continue to use what ever is displayed in 'My Downloads'.

= [beta] (October 11th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* The low/high CSS specificity toggle always showed as low when the interface first loads.
* Clearing the suggested code field deselected the current element in the HTML pane.
* Holding down the ALT key when hovering over a CSS property field still scrolled the page.
* Using the ALT triggered the tools menu in Firefox.
* The light grey computed CSS overlaying the CSS property fields did not update when selecting elements if the inspection tools were not expanded.

= [beta] (October 5th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Microthemer's HTML inspection pane could become out of sync if the page contained HTML comments.

= [beta] (October 4th, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* Microthemer temporarily hides the element selection overlay when an animation runs.

= [beta] (October 4th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Draft mode was not always on by default when upgrading existing versions of Microthemer (previously running version 6).

= [beta] (September 30th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Occasionally Microthemer's dropdown menus could display with default jQuery UI styling.
* The selector label in the top toolbar could occasionally be cropped by 1 or 2 pixels.
* When toggling full height for the left or right sidebars, the HTML pane did not adjust the flow of text properly.

# Change
* Replaced 'Specificity' label on targeting options with a more detailed tooltip.
* Any field that contains selector code text matches the lighter color used for the code field in the top toolbar.

# Enhancements
* Inspect panels adapt to smaller screen sizes.
* Min-width of Inspect panels reduced.
* Color and background-color are included in key computed CSS info.
* On initial install, Microthemer defaults to the small (S) layout preset if a screen size of 796 or below is detected.

= [beta] (September 28th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Oxygen and other page builders did not load when the detach preview feature was enabled.
* On small screens, panel resizing was not possible.
* On small screens, multiple left columns were not supported.

= [beta] (September 24th, 2021) =

* Initial release of version 8 beta. See for a summary of the new features.

NEW - Transforms & filters