Microthemer Changelog (7.x)

= (Jan 17th, 2023) =

# Bugs fixed
* When typing "flex-flow: column wrap" (or wrap-reverse) in the single selector editor, Microthemer converted the CSS to "flex-flow: column nowrap".

= (Jan 12th, 2023) =

# Change
* Microthemer does not auto-apply CSS units to CSS property fields if calc() is used anywhere in the field.

# Bugs fixed
* Removed some deprecated PHP functions.

= (Jan 10th, 2023) =

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue when loading Elementor 3.10 inside Microthemer - the site preview was tiny.

= (Jan 10th, 2023) =

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue with the Cart Props plugin, the cart drawer elements could not be selected.

= (Jan 3rd, 2023) =

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue with Beaver Builder, which could add dynamic ids starting with yui_3 that changed on each page load. MT was picking up on these ids when suggesting CSS selectors, which quickly became invalid.

= (Dec 15th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Styles did not display outside of MT for logged in administrators if the auto-publish feature was enabled.

= (November 29th, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Added shallow integration with Breakdance and OptimizePress.
* New keyboard shortcut added for beautifying CSS in the code editor: Crtl + Alt + O (the letter O).

= (November 24th, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Microthemer supports "shallow" integration with five more page builders including Divi, Bricks, Brizy, Zion, and WP Page Builder. This means that Microthemer will auto-reload its CSS in other browser tabs, and reload the site preview if you publish or save draft changes in one of the aforementioned builders. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Integrations > Sync browser tabs.

= (November 22nd, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Performance improvement when selecting elements. Selection was exceptionally slow when the Query Monitor Plugin was active, because it adds lots of HTML to the page, but the fix for QM should speed selection up in general, especially for page builders. Note, Query Monitor still slows MT even with this update, so try not to leave it active. It's only meant for temporary performance debugging anyway.

# Bugs fixed
* Error when loading a builder. Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'getComputedStyle' on 'Window': parameter 1 is not of type 'Element'.

= (November 1st, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* New preference added: "Auto-scroll to the current element, if out of view". Set this to "No" to disable MT's default auto-scrolling behaviour.

# Bugs fixed
* The code editor falsely flagged certain :not() selectors as invalid.

= (October 20th, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Add two more pseudo elements to the CSS modifiers menu. ::marker for styling list bullets, and ::placeholder for styling input field placeholder text.
* Added an extra "BB large" media query to the "Beaver Builder MQs" media query set, to match the new breakpoint Beaver Builder added recently.

= (August 8th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* The code editor CSS validation rules were falsely flagging square brackets in :not selectors as invalid e.g. img:not([src$=".svg"]).

= (August 2nd, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* The folder search results area could extend too wide if the folders pane wasn't docked left.
* The page-id shortcut in the advanced options / context menu didn't work.
* When setting a color value, the history entry was zero (0).

= (July 13th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Starter styles could be set to larger than 20px by 20px if the default unit was not pixels.

= (July 13th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Invalid selector created when selecting ::before or ::after pseudo elements not created using MT.

= (July 12th, 2022) =

# Change
* When editing a selector's targeting, the CSS properties do not update until the "Update" button is clicked.

# Enhancement
* New starter styles switch added to the selector variation options for ::before and ::after. The starter styles make the element visible as a pink square so it's easier to position and be confident it has been set properly.
* Selector variation labels are adapted from the label used by any other variation, thus honouring any custom labels that have been set.

# Bugs fixed * Selector modifiers like :hover and ::before were not applied to single class or id selectors.
* Wish Sass enabled, retargeting a selector did not apply the CSS properties immediately (even after clicking the "Update" button).
* Wish Sass enabled, the HTML pane did not immediately display the ::before or ::after line when creating a pseudo element variation.

= (July 8th, 2022) =

# Change
* MT does not open links in a new tab when holding Ctrl to follow a link during targeting mode, as it did for a brief period after the release of version

# Enhancements
* Performance optimisation for the HTML inspector.
* Refresh HTML pane icon added.
* Added a "Save JavaScript" button next to the JS tab as an alternative to using Ctrl + S to save JavaScript.
* Custom classes can be added to the body tag by setting the new MT preference "Insert body classes defined using custom fields" to Yes. You then define your custom classes using native wordpress custom fields. Set the custom field key to "my_body_classes" and the value to one or more space separated CSS class names (with no dot prefix).
* Added an option for adding a custom class or id selector prefix below the page-id CSS modifier.

# Bugs fixed
* The new pseudo element highlighting could make inner elements unselectable by MT under certain conditions.
* A pseudo element's z-index was not always factored in correctly when selecting elements visually.
* Resizing the full code CSS or JavaScript pane could load content from the single selector editor.
* The code editor flashed white when first loading if the dark theme was enabled.
* Selectors with quotes e.g. [type="submit"] caused issues when used in combination with selector variations e.g :hover.
* The HTML inspector beautifier could fail under some circumstances, and this affected the ability to select elements via the HTML pane.
* Microthemer output shorthand code e.g. padding:16px even if padding-left was set to a value other than 16px.
* Pasting a hex or RGB color in the color picker did not set the color properly.
* The Alt key and mousewheel could not be used to tweak numbers in the filter drop-shadow property.
* CSS comments are a bit more readable in the editor in dark mode.
* The full code view had an unnecessary left with certain layout configurations.
* Selectors with pseudo states like :hover were not recognised as targeting an element in terms of the blue element highlighting.
* The CSS unit for linked fields (e.g. padding) did not always synchronise properly.
* Holding the shift key did not select multiple element when clicking on lines of HTML in the inspection pane.
* The transition event value was getting lost when editing via the code editor.

= (June 22nd, 2022) =

# Enhancements
* Performance optimisation for the HTML inspector.
* Refresh HTML pane icon added.
* Added a "Save JavaScript" button next to the JS tab as an alternative to using Ctrl + S to save JavaScript.

# Bugs fixed
* The new pseudo element highlighting could make inner elements unselectable by MT under certain conditions.
* A pseudo element's z-index was not always factored in correctly when selecting elements visually.
* Resizing the full code CSS or JavaScript pane could load content from the single selector editor.
* The code editor flashed white when first loading if the dark theme was enabled.

= (June 14th, 2022) =

# Enhancements
* ::before and ::after pseudo elements shown in the HTML inspector.
* ::before and ::after pseudo elements can be visually clicked to select them.
* ::before and ::after pseudo elements can be created using the selector variations option.
* The selector modifier checkboxes synchronise with the selector code as it is edited live.

# Bugs fixed
* An issue using the dropdown menus on empty fields when the computed value was [mix] (meaning different for multiple elements).
* The options above the selector variation options did not update properly when switching between variations.
* Element border highlighting displayed outside the main container.
* The cancel selector targeting icon could be cut off sometimes.
* The settings panel could have horizontal scroll if the history menu was expanded and contained long names.
* An issue triggering Bricks form submissions even when Microthemer's targeting mode was disabled.

= (May 11th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Some missing icons in the CSS reference.
* Possible PHP notice on site frontend with WP_DEBUG active: Notice: WP_Scripts::localize was called incorrectly.
* The MT logo displayed very large when loading MT with dark mode and the style options docked top.
* The selector suggestions popup could not be triggered on top aligned elements if the WP toolbar was not showing.
* The selector suggestions popup did not display in the detached preview window.
* The "Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce" plugin caused Microthemer's frontend script to load multiple times, which caused odd behaviour.
* On-canvas padding highlight could be offset.

= (April 25th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Added a better fallback option if ZipArchive PHP extension is not installed.

= (April 23rd, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Possible PHP error if ZipArchive extension was not installed.

= (April 20th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* JS error that could arise on loading MT: Uncaught TypeError: labelCodeStr.split is not a function.

= (April 20th, 2022) =

# Change
* MT wraps URL paths with url("") in input field (not just in the editor) for consistency with mask-image.

# Bugs fixed
* Slider generated NaN on properties that don't have a unit (e.g. opacity).
* The new clip-path and shape-margin properties were not listed in the transition property menu.
* Microthemer was not reloading the CSS property reference when launching from a different property.
* No dashed outline was shown when hovering over the currently selected element when element highlighting was switched off.
* MT did not auto-wrap plain file paths with url() for background-image or mask-image if URL parameters were used.

= beta (April 14th, 2022) =

# Change
* The "M" toolbars preset set the left columns to full height by default.

# Enhancement
* Added support for CSS mask, clip-path, and shape-outside properties with stock SVG mask images and clip-path shapes.
* Added object-fit and object-position to the Dimensions property group.
* Added a quick navigation toolbar for the property groups when the styles are docked left. This can be turned on or off via Settings > View > Fine tune layout > Sticky styles toolbar.
* Microthemer's slider, mousewheel, and keyboard number adjustments can be applied to single numbers when there are multiple numbers in a field. This is useful for adjusting e.g. background-position, polygon, and gradient position/opacity values when used as an image-mask.

# Bugs fixed
* Resizing the side panels caused the current property group to reload, which reset the scroll position and removed grid rows/column that hadn't been given a value yet.
* The HTML pane could become out of sync with the DOM elements if a script tag contained a string with a closing style tag. This affected Oxygen 4.0.
* Microthemer could sometimes scroll to the top of elements even when they were already in view.
* Typing styles in the full code editor could (re)trigger scrolling to the currently targeted element. This was only meant to happen when the cursor is positioned inside a new selector.
* The mt-inactive.zip file for loading MT CSS with a simple plugin was missing.
* Searching the CSS property menu suggestions could result in a spinning gif and an error message.
* A conflict with Astra caused MT to always select the mobile navigation close toggle (#menu-toggle-close).
* Firefox had a delay in style rendering when using the CSS property slider.
* Some layout issues when using Microthemer on a very small screen (approx 500px).
* Setting a new folder name when creating a selector generated an error.

= (March 10th, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Added an option to preferences for disabling targeting mode by default when Microthemer first loads. This may be useful for devs that prefer to code selectors manually, without assistance from Microthemer.

# Bugs fixed
* Text in the Google search field was the same color as the white background when the light theme is active.
* Entering align-items in the code editor synced with the flexbox UI fields, rather than the grid fields, even if the display property was set to grid.
* Setting a CSS Modifier like :hover or :first-child did not update the full list of selector suggestions in the top toolbar.
* Setting a CSS Modifier removed the ">" character from selectors.
* Removed some unhelpful selectors from the suggestions lists e.g. div:nth-of-type(1).
* When exiting a page builder with deep integration (Beaver Builder, Elementor, Oxygen), Microthemer was enabling targeting mode, even if it wasn't on before activating the builder.

= (February 16th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* The code editor did not recognise the following pseudo selectors as valid :has, :is, :where
* Fixed a conflict with ShortPixel Adaptive Images, which was using the same PHP Minify library.

= (February 1st, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* An error could happen when selecting elements at the point of maxing out the number of selectors allowed in a folder.

= (January 25th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* An error that could occur when selecting multiple text inputs using the shift key could generate a downstream JS error when loading Microthemer: unauthorized TypeError:i.split is not a function.

= (January 18th, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Improved compatibility with Bricks builder - Microthemer now has a workaround for creating CSS grid layouts on container elements that also display in the Bricks editor. This workaround is on by default, but can be turned off via the preferences. There is also an option to remove the workaround from all selectors automatically, as it may become redundant in future.

# Bugs fixed
* When clearing the top field for editing selector targeting, and then typing very quickly, an error could be generated: "this.source is not a function".
* An upgrade error could happen if old MT settings contained data that hadn't been cleaned by a more recent version of Microthemer.

= (January 16th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* The grid controls could display behind the options panel with certain toolbar layout configurations.
* Artificial Microthemer body and HTML classes were being included in the selector suggestions list.

= (January 14th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* The detached preview layout did not load properly due to a JS error "TvrLang is not defined".
* Microthemer's targeting did not resume when switching between pages on the frontend.

= (January 13th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Horizontal scrollbars could appear when targeting elements with Microthemer if the element name was too wide for the available space.

= (January 12th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* An issue with the dropdown menus on the standalone preferences page.

= (January 12th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* Using the re-target selector option could sometimes save the preliminary retargeting even if it was cancelled.
* The color picker could generate an error after re-targeting a selector if it was opened just before re-targeting.

= (January 8th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* The opacity input field was not working properly.

= (January 7th, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Minor performance increase.

# Change
* Some terminology updates to make it clearer that styles are saved as a draft until the Publish button is clicked (unless auto-publish is enabled).

# Bugs fixed
* When adding a new selector to a closed folder, not all selectors in the folder displayed alongside the newly added selector.
* Sometimes entries in the history table could say simply "false".

= (January 7th, 2022) =

# Bugs fixed
* The previous update caused an issue loading the MT interface on some sites, due to an issue with the JS script loading order.

= (January 6th, 2022) =

# Enhancement
* Added auto-publish option to Settings > General.
* Added support for completing a firewall captcha form when submitting a license key from a server with a blocked IP address.

# Bugs fixed
* The publish button was not semi transparent on first install, and the initial notification was a bit confusing.
* The color picker opacity slider did not work since the recent update.
* It was awkward to save multiple colors, one after the other, using the color picker save button.

= (December 28th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* A conflict with UIPress admin styles.
* Styling issue with CSS reference - white BG and spinner could display below scroll area.

= (December 27th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* An issue loading tooltips on the frontend could cause issues loading MT.

= (December 22nd, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* An issue with the color picker closing when using the VAR field and generating an error sometimes.
* Color picker opacity slider could overlap the VAR dropdown menu.
* Dark theme colors could display in odd places (e.g. dividers, color picker, input borders) with the light theme if a CSS concatenation plugin changed the name of MT's internal CSS file that loads on the frontend.
* The top selector suggestions menu could not be clicked under certain circumstances.

= (December 16th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* The previous update could cause the page navigator search to return no results on some sites.

= (December 16th, 2021) =

# Change
* When enabling a page builder, Microthemer removes any draft selector, rather than saving it.

# Bugs fixed
* The page navigator was displaying a cached set of pages instead of fetching new results under some circumstances.

= (December 15th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Context menus did not reposition when the screen cut off some of the content.
* Sometimes "undefined" could appear in the editor, rather than an empty string, if no property value was set.
* Scrollbars could appear on the single selector editor when docked top.
* Draft selectors were not removed when using the folders pane to navigate to an existing selector.
* Copying a draft selector did not save it properly.
* A warning could popup saying "Selector name already exists" when clicking on a draft selector that wasn't properly saved due to the previous two issues.
* Matching search text in the page navigator was the wrong color (poor contrast).

= (December 14th, 2021) =

# Critical bug
* Brand new selectors did not save when using the single selector editor on a responsive tab and typing some CSS to confirm that the draft selector should be kept. This only happened when typing speed was neither very fast nor very slow, due to the way the auto-save system works.

= (December 9th, 2021) =

# Change
* The color of CSS or Sass comments when using the code editor with the dark theme.

# Bugs fixed
* The grid highlighting persisted when collapsing the MT interface
* If the grid canvas was expanded, it continued to display when going back to the properties list when styles were docked left.
* The Google font field was a bit small with the styles docked top.
* When playing around with the layout options, sometimes overflowing docked top styles could overlap docked-left/right panels, instead of being hidden.
* Folder search could generate an "invalid regex" error under some circumstances.
* When doing a folder search, clicking any matching CSS code did not always work.

= (December 6th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Due to the fix in the previous update, the loading spinner could remain in place if the site preview page had very little content.
* A light gradient was used to fade out overflowing responsive tabs, even with the dark theme.

= (December 4th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* On some servers, a forbidden error message was shown instead of Microthemer's site loading spinner.

= (December 2nd, 2021) =

# Change
* With the dark theme, the scrollbars are easier to see.
* Values in the history table have been emboldened to make them easier to read.

# Bugs fixed
* Under some circumstances, the icon font didn't load properly.
* An error in the sample code for loading Microthemer CSS manually.
* Switching the low/high specificity toggle did not update the selector label.
* Context menus, that are draggable via the header, did not have the correct cursor move icon.

= (November 25th, 2021) =

# Change
* When you select an element, and an existing selector targets it but in a different view (full code editor vs GUI), Microthemer notifies you about this rather than automatically switching view. This was a problem when universal selectors were used (*). And there may be other edge cases I haven't considered.

# Bugs fixed
* When using a universal selector (*), every element had blue highlighting to show you've created a selector for it. And while technically true, it obscured a useful feature.

= (November 22nd, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* Added link to new docs in Help menu.

# Change
* Icon for manually adding !important changed to look less like an error warning.

= (November 21st, 2021) =

* Public release of version 7.

# Enhancements summary
* Hundreds of UI and UX improvements.
* Dark theme.
* Searchable folders.
* Sharper icons.
* Instant (draft) selectors.
* Easier selector sorting within folders.
* More customisable toolbar layouts.
* Drag resizable panels.
* Create hover selectors more easily.
* Shortcut for setting page specific selectors.
* Special on-page breadcrumbs for tightly nested elements.
* Keyboard shortcuts reference panel.
* Set the loading order of Microthemer's stylesheet.
* Set the prefix used for page specific body classes (mtp is now the default).
* Microthemer's stylesheet can be loaded in the footer.
* Responsive HTML and CSS inspection panels.
* Computed border, padding, margin box model properties.

= (November 21st, 2021) =

# Change
* Restored V6 CSS grid control styling, as my attempt to simplify the styling came at the cost of usability.
* Current line of HTML in dark theme matches color scheme better.
* Dark theme yellow text highlight when searching folders.
* The settings toggle at the top right is hidden when the settings are permanently docked in view.

# Bugs fixed
* Oxygen device switching options did not work when loaded inside Microthemer.
* The manage packs page did not update after a fresh export of settings.
* The edit design pack icon prompted an 'Are you sure you want to delete this message'.
* The text editor did not always fill the available height when docked left.
* The checkboxes could be cropped on the 'Export' page on some screens.
* Microthemer beatified the minified CSS file when display it, so it wasn't clear if minification was working.
* Display issue when folder and editor were docked left, but styles were docked top.
* Issue with dragging Grid template areas, the controls could get stuck. And dragging anywhere outside the grid canvas removed the area (not just when dropping on the clear item).
* The CSS grid controls could get stuck when dragging the last item outside the graph area.
* Toggling the folders off didn't always bring content hidden underneath back to the top.
* In the full code view, switching the editor from docked top to docked left set it's width to zero.
* Microthemer was not remembering the cursor position for the single selector editor when switching responsive tab or between selectors.
* Disabling Beaver Builder via Microthemer's switch did not work of no changes had been made in BB.
* Scrollbars for Google fonts browser and frontend and were not dark even if dark mode was enabled.

= [beta] (November 17th, 2021) =

# Change
* Alt key must be used to enable mousewheel adjust on styles docked top (not just when docked left). This is to prevent accidentally setting values.

# Bugs fixed
* Using the Alt key to select elements only worked once.
* Renaming a folder did not work.
* Tooltip accessibility content could display on screen if the jQuery stylesheet was unloaded.

= [beta] (November 16th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Media query scope not visible in top ruler with the light theme.
* Color picker site colors refresh icon was missing.
* Pixel equivalent value under tape measure was misaligned.
* Microthemer was adding units to non-numeric values like clamp when loading the UI fields.

= [beta] (November 14th, 2021) =

# Change
* Tweaked the grid control styling.

# Enhancement
* Dark theme switch added to View menu.

# Bugs fixed
* More options icon appeared in the context menu it triggered.
* Misaligned color picker saved and sampled styles panel.
* Item number was missing from 'Item' tab in grid controls if docked left.
* Using the CSS unit adjust option next to the property name could cause a display problem if the tape measure slider was showing when clicked.
* Choosing a sampled variable or property value after expanding/resampling the options closed the menu without selecting anything.
* The folders pane continued to overlap the code editor if the code editor was docked left bu the styles were docked top.

= [beta] (November 4th, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* Microthemer's stylesheet can now be loaded in the footer.

# Change
* New icon for "Re-target selector".
* Added chevron to media query icon to indicate it can be clicked for more options.

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue with servers that disallow static HTML files - a 403 error was briefly displayed before the site preview loaded.
* Microthemer reset the default width for the current tab when switching property group, rather than keeping a custom width set by dragging the slider.
* Default WordPress form styling was overriding Microthemer's styling on some versions of WordPress.
* Legacy media queries were too long to be shown in the allocated space without the scroll arrows.
* Loading Oxygen via the Integrations menu had a false positive warning "Page not editable with Oxygen".
* Microthemer was not turning off targeting mode automatically when enabling a page builder with deep integration (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen) if it was activated via the WP toolbar menu, rather then the switch in Microthemer.
* When leaving an unsaved Oxygen page, Microthemer did not release the Oxygen post lock when exiting via the Integrations menu switch. This causes issues for re-enabling Oxygen (an MT interface refresh was needed).

= [beta] (November 2nd, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* The loading order of Microthemer's stylesheet can be customised via the preferences.
* The prefix used for page specific body classes can now be customised. And the default value (for new installs only) is 'mtp' rather than 'mt'. This change is due to a conflict with tailwind and boostrap with use e.g. .mt-4 to set margin-top, which could result in unwanted top margin on the body element.

# Bugs fixed
* Enabling Sass resulted in an error.
* 'Fold widget' error when Microthemer was loading if cursor position was left at the end of the editor. * The code editor was flagging CSS stroke properties as unknown.

= [beta] (October 20th, 2021) =

# Change
* Top bar layout, reusing some patterns from version 6 to create more space.
* The 'S' preset view keeps the device tabs at the top by default.
* Unlock system referencing 'License key' rather than email or unlock code. But users can continue to use what ever is displayed in 'My Downloads'.

= [beta] (October 11th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* The low/high CSS specificity toggle always showed as low when the interface first loads.
* Clearing the suggested code field deselected the current element in the HTML pane.
* Holding down the ALT key when hovering over a CSS property field still scrolled the page.
* Using the ALT triggered the tools menu in Firefox.
* The light grey computed CSS overlaying the CSS property fields did not update when selecting elements if the inspection tools were not expanded.

= [beta] (October 5th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Microthemer's HTML inspection pane could become out of sync if the page contained HTML comments.

= [beta] (October 4th, 2021) =

# Enhancement
* Microthemer temporarily hides the element selection overlay when an animation runs.

= [beta] (October 4th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Draft mode was not always on by default when upgrading existing versions of Microthemer (previously running version 6).

= [beta] (September 30th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Occasionally Microthemer's dropdown menus could display with default jQuery UI styling.
* The selector label in the top toolbar could occasionally be cropped by 1 or 2 pixels.
* When toggling full height for the left or right sidebars, the HTML pane did not adjust the flow of text properly.

# Change
* Replaced 'Specificity' label on targeting options with a more detailed tooltip.
* Any field that contains selector code text matches the lighter color used for the code field in the top toolbar.

# Enhancements
* Inspect panels adapt to smaller screen sizes.
* Min-width of Inspect panels reduced.
* Color and background-color are included in key computed CSS info.
* On initial install, Microthemer defaults to the small (S) layout preset if a screen size of 796 or below is detected.

= [beta] (September 28th, 2021) =

# Bugs fixed
* Oxygen and other page builders did not load when the detach preview feature was enabled.
* On small screens, panel resizing was not possible.
* On small screens, multiple left columns were not supported.

= [beta] (September 24th, 2021) =

* Initial release of version 8 beta. See for a summary of the new features.