Microthemer Changelog (3.x)


# 3.9 Beta Bugs fixed
* Color picker had some annoying glitches when dragging the picker outside the bounds of the box * Comma separated CSS selectors weren't highlighting properly (only the first in the list would highlight) * Default properties could get accidentally wiped by the hidden value remaining in the property set field.

3.9.2 (beta) (July 1, 2015)

* A fresh install of the new beta version could cause an Javascript error because the frontend script tried to load a non-existent stylesheet.
* The dynamic javascript wasn't enqueued in the correct way which prevented the interface from fully loading.

3.9.0 (beta) (June 26, 2015)

* Many new updates. A full description will come when we're past the beta stage.

3.7.7 (June 3, 2015)

# Bugs fixed
* added missing file tvrsprintf.min.js.map.

3.7.6 (May 27, 2015)

# Bugs fixed
* Labels for Behaviour, Position, and Gradient went missing on the property fields row.

3.7.5 (May 24, 2015)

# Enhancements
* Microthemer is now translation ready following JoseLuis' sterling work.
* Added more thorough directory path analysis for advanced WordPress configurations.

3.7.3 (May 9, 2015)

# Bugs fixed
* Plain http requests to Google fonts caused issues on SSL sites.
* Fixed path to languages folder

3.7.2 (May 6, 2015)

# Enhancements
* New selector wizard targeting system trialed in edge mode has become permanent
* First phase of translation: various text strings are now translatable. Thanks to Jose Luis for providing this: https://github.com/joseluis/
* Improved compatibility with any font awesome stylesheets that load on the Microthemer UI page (via another plugin)

3.6.9 (May 5, 2015)

# Bugs fixed
* The last 3.6.7 release introduced a bug with the unlock process.

3.6.8 (May 4, 2015)

# Major Bug fixed
* When importing with "Merge", any responsive tab settings being imported would be lost. So too would any custom !important declarations.

3.6.7 (Apr 23, 2015)

# Bugs fixed
* Microthemer conflicted with the Contact Form Maker plugin.
* Single or double-clicking form submit buttons didn't work as a result of the 3.5.9 update.
* Microthemer would follow links if they were the parent of a double-clicked grandchild element.
* Microthemer wouldn't allow styling links that lead back to the admin area (this was an unintended consequence of preventing single-click navigation to the admin area).

3.6.3 (Apr 21, 2015)

# Change
* The computed CSS appears when hovering over the CSS property LABEL instead of the form field. We think tooltips should get out of the way of input fields. And we think it's neater to show the label and computed value alongside each other e.g. "Font Weight: bold".

# Bugs fixed
* The color picker would not disappear on blur following the last 3.5.9 update (you had to click the close button).

# Edge Mode Change
* The styling of selector suggestions on hover poses less confusion about which suggestion is actually selected. They have a grey background on hover and the current selector continues to look like an editable textarea until another one is clicked.
* Information icons appear on hover for the selector wizard suggestions for showing the tooltip without the tooltip getting in the way of the code.

3.5.9 (Apr 19, 2015)

# Enhancement
* An 'Edge mode' option has been added to the preferences. You can enable this to try out experimental new features and have your say on them before they become permanent. Useful for those that want to take an active role in shaping Microthemer.
* Custom tooltips have been added to the interface. You can configure these via the preferences.
* Selectors suggestions on the targeting tab have more descriptive explanations and show quickly with the new tooltip.

# Bugs fixed
* The inside label on the folder field of the selector wizard had a glitch
* jQuery version checking could be inaccurate under some circumstances.
* Targeting inputs by type wasn't working.
* Microthemer could follow links to plain images and find itself at an impasse.
* Microthemer could follow links to the admin and then possibly back to Microthemer.

# Change
* Microthemer now waits for 700ms instead of 300ms for a second click when a user double-clicks something. Some people were naturally double-clicking with less than 300ms between each click. I will make the delay time configurable if people request this.

# Edge Change (only shows if 'Edge Mode' has been enabled)
* The selector targeting tab has a regular scrollbar on the right instead of a vertical slider. Switching between the options is be done by hovering your mouse over them (for quick preview) and then clicking the suggestion you want.

3.4.9 (Apr 7, 2015)

# Bugs fixed
* An undefined index PHP error could show when upgrading from a previous version to version 3.4.4 (when the WP admin shortcut link was added)
* Some undefined errors could be generated on the UI page. These were hidden behind the interface but could result in a slow page load if present.

3.4.7 (Apr 4, 2015)

# Bugs fixed
. * Chrome could fail when trying to load the selector wizard if it encountered any computed CSS values with rgba opacity set to more than 2 decimal places e.g. 0.745.
. * Double-clicking an already highlighted element closes the selector wizard instead of showing a warning.

# Change
. * On multi-site, Microthemer creates the micro-themes folder in /wp-content/uploads/sites/ if the blogs.dir directory doesn't already exist (modern multi-site installs don't create the blogs.dir folder).

3.4.4 (Apr 3, 2015)

# Enhancements
* Added an option for accessing Microthemer from the WP admin bar. This can be turned off via the preferences page if you don't want it cluttering your admin bar
. * There is an import icon next to each design pack on the Manage & Install design packs page. This takes you to the import page and preselects the right design pack.

# Bugs fixed
* The 'clear styles but leave folders & selectors intact' option didn't clear styles applied on responsive tabs.

# Change
* Custom CSS is also cleared when clearing all styles.

3.4.1 (Mar 11, 2015)

Bugs fixed
* Double-clicking an element with text no longer highlights the actual word clicked, which resulted in confusing highlighting.
* Microthemer initially uses home_url() to load the site preview as site_url() can sometimes be incorrect.
* Possibility of an undefined variable $logs on line 1110 of tvr-microthemer.php
* Possibility of an undefined index disable_parent_css on line 5515 of tvr-microthemer.php

3.3.7 (Feb 15, 2015)

# Changes
* Folders and selector are APPENDED instead of PRE-PENDED when added to the interface. Rationale: It keeps folders and selectors in the chronological order that they were created, the back and forward quick nav buttons work more intuitively, if two selectors have equal specificity the latter will override the previously created one.
* For consistency, the same goes for custom media queries. They are appended, and the 'NEW' button has been moved below them.
* Only folders that have 1 or more selectors are auto-checked on the settings export screen.

# Bugs Fixed
* All folders/selectors/custom media queries would flash for a split second when adding a new item to them.
* There is a known bug in firefox where media queries don't take effect on the exact pixel specified. Styles set within a media query tab didn't always seem to take an effect at 767px for instance when the media query specified a max-width of 767px (as it does on the 'Tablet & Phone' media query). Only at 766.7px do the styles work. For now, I've implemented a fix for this (automatically subtracting 0.3px from the preview screen width). I am following this bug on bugzilla. I will remove the temporary fix when it is no longer necessary.
* Unnecessary console.logs functions for debugging were included in the previous release which could cause problems for IE9.
* The media query tabs can be added by clicking the actual text in the tab management menu (not just the + icon). This feels more natural.
* The folder >> Selector breadcrumbs arrows have the default mouse cursor on hover to indicate that they're not clickable.
* Microthemer would get stuck when deleting the last selector while in 'quick edit folder' view.
* The new 'media query sets' loading feature had some teething problems.
* Using the following CSS pseudo selectors caused problems: :before, ::before, :after, ::after. Thanks again to Antonio for spotting this.
* The screen-width slider didn't show with the selector wizard 100% of the time.
* The computed CSS values for the single double-clicked element on the selector wizard were not recalculated following a screen width adjustment.

3.2.4 (Feb 14, 2015)

# Bugs Fixed * When saving different styles in quick succession, the latest style change wasn't always saved if a save was already in progress. Now the saves queue up to ensure that the latest setting applies.
* The selector wizard could fail to show if other Javascripts altered the format of the computed CSS data jQuery returned.
* The selector wizard could also fail to show after double-clicking in Chrome under some circumstances.

3.2.1 (Feb 10, 2015 - later in the afternoon)

# Bugs Fixed
* The selector wizard displays link :pseudo classes in the correct order (that corresponds to the position of the slider handle)
* An undefined variable could throw a warning with strict error reporting server settings enabled.
* Unnecessary debug output was being generated behind the scenes. And unnecessary source file for a pollyfill were included.
* The selector wizard caused the manual 'Add Selector' options to be expanded when they needn't be.
* Manual selector values were not being cleared from the input fields upon 'cancel'

3.1.6 (Feb 10, 2015)

# Enhancements
* Microthemer remembers your preference for showing/unshowing the advanced options of the selector wizard. No need for the checkbox now.
* Microthemer remembers which tab of the advanced wizard you last used.
* Microthemer remembers your preference for having the left toolbar expanded or closed.
* Microthemer remembers the last viewed selector when reloading the page, even if you didn't apply styles to it.
* The link back to the WordPress dashboard is a real link so that you can open it in a new tab with right-click.
* The media query tabs editing menu options are more similar to the format used for editing folders and selectors. An additional 'clear' option has been added for clearing all the styles for a style group at once.

3.1 (Feb 8, 2015)

* The in-program docs now link to the new online support index page, taking this version out of beta.
* Each CSS property has a direct link to the online CSS reference by clicking the CSS property icon
* Some alternative media query 'sets' can be loaded. These encourage the use of mobile-first/semantic breakpoints.
* The 'Double-click an element to create editing options for it' title attribute is no longer dynamically added to the body element of the preview iframe.
* Navigating to selector from the main menu or quick edit menus closes the open menu

# Bugs Fixed
* Deleting all media queries will actually reset the default media queries (rather than just purporting to)
* Hovering your mouse over a media query tab shows the underlying media query code.
* The color picker didn't allow RGB or RGBA values if there was a space before the brackets e.g. "RGBA ()".
* Microthemer recalculates and reports the correct computed CSS following actions that change the preview screen width (e.g. adjusting the slider or switching between media query tabs). Thanks for reporting this Rob.
* Selector highlighting is recalculated instantly when a new style is applied that affects the dimensions of the targets element(s). Thanks again to Rob for spotting this.
* Cursor options no longer have a scrollbar in the dropdown menu, which partially obscured the options.

3.0.16 beta (Jan 17, 2015)

# Note: this is a beta because it has been released without updated documentation

# Bugs Fixed
* The pre-populated selector name value for all selectors in a folder was overwritten by the most recent selector created via the selector wizard. Thanks for spotting this Antonio!
* Importing a design pack made with Microthemer 1.x (before media query tabs were added) would result in PHP errors.

3.0.14 beta (Jan 13, 2015)

# Note: this is a beta because it has been released without updated documentation

# Enhancement
* Improved the icon and description for the media query tab management menu. A few more improvements for this feature are on the way.

# Bugs Fixed
* If a media query tab (e.g. "Phone") was used in the absence of the default "All Devices" tab, settings applied to the media query tab would not save.
* When importing 2.x settings, media query tabs did not always display correctly.
* Dropdown menu toggle arrows were misaligned by one pixel in Firefox.

3.0.11 beta (Jan 10, 2015)

# Note: this is a beta because it has been released without updated documentation

# Bugs Fixed
* The appearance of the slider handle for the selector wizard element targeting tab also needed fixing in WP 4.1
* The notification about disabling highlighting when double-clicking something that is already highlighted was confusing.
* In rare cases Microthemer was not remembering the last frontend page viewed in the preview window.

3.0.8 beta (Dec 30, 2014)

# Note: this is a beta because it has been released without updated documentation

# Bugs Fixed
* On multi-site, the "back to WordPress dashboard" icon in the left toolbar took the user back to the root admin dashboard instead of the intended blog dashboard.
* With WordPress 4.1 there were a few display issues relating to jQuery UI widgets like sliders and pseudo select comboboxes.
- The preview screen width slider handle was not correctly styled (it was too big).
- The dropdown menus looked a bit ugly and it wasn't possible to specify an empty value to clear the field.
* With jquery versions older than 1.9, a javascript error could prevent the selector wizard from loading when double-clicking an element. Now Microthemer warns you to update jQuery.
* Microthemer was sometimes creating a debug-save.txt file in the root /micro-themes/ folder. This caused a blank design pack to be displayed on the manage design packs page that could not be deleted via the delete button. If you installed version 3.0 and you see a nameless design pack on the manage packs page, please delete the following file via FTP: /wp-content/micro-themes/debug-save.txt (or ask Themeover for help with this).
* Microthemer will not run with versions earlier than 3.6 (it will warn you to upgrade WordPress)
* The reported CSS could sometimes be too big for the input field and looked messy. If there is not enough room the value is truncated with a ... suffix. The full computed CSS value can still be viewed by hovering your mouse over the input field.
* The icons for text-shadow X and Y offset were wrong. "Spread" will be added to these shadow options soon.
* An innocuous javascript error was generated if exporting the first design pack when no others exist.

3.0 beta (Dec 26, 2014)

# Note: this is a beta because it has been released without updated documentation

# Enhancement
* Much nicer icon-based UI with far more space available for seeing the site your designing and NO overlap of editing options.
* Everything is accessible from the Microthemer UI page (e.g. design pack installation and management, updating global preferences and media queries)
* Much easier management of sections (now called folders) and selectors. You can copy and move selectors between folders with drag and drop too.
* Code editor with syntax highlighting for those that still like to program. You can still see the frontend site while you write your code. Clicking control+S to save means that you see your changes instantly.
* Some new style options (e.g. box-sizing, background-size) with more (animation/transition) options on the way in a later release.
* Background images are now managed via the WordPress media manager. On installing a pack with images, they are extracted to the library and image paths are updated automatically. When you download a pack, linked imaged are downloaded from the image library and included in the zip package. It should make working with background images much easier.
* The selector wizard is now easier to use. It has a slider for tweaking your targeting instead of the dropdown menu. And computed CSS is reported at the wizard stage too. In a later release the HTML inspection will be improved further.
* Import/Export of settings has been improved.

# Bugs Fixed
* limits caused by PHP's max_input_vars settings which could cause problems saving your settings if the number of input vars exceeded the limit (typically 1000) is no longer an issue. Microthemer serializes input values into one and then splits them back to normal on the server side.
* background images can have spaces in the names e.g. "my images with spaces.jpg"
* Resetting, importing, and restoring settings used to pass parameters in the URL. Refreshing the page (which some of us do habitually) could cause unwanted old actions (like resetting the interface) to be repeated accidentally. Now all actions are submitted via ajax and the Microthemer URL remains clean at all times.

# Changes
* Microthemer doesn't set viewport to 1 by default. If you plan to make use of the media query feature please set this to 1 on the media queries management page.
* CSS3 PIE isn't turned on globally by default.