Microthemer Changelog (5.x)


= (Oct 28th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* WP 5.3 misaligned Microthemer's text inputs.

= (Oct 28th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* History 'time ago' could be wrong for some WP configurations.
* resultData is not defined JS error.

= (Oct 23rd, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Another issue with Sass auto-prefixing.

= (Oct 21st, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Sass selectors with nested media queries caused an error due to recent vendor prefix update not accounting for selectors inside custom breakpoints.

= (Oct 19th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* PHP error with older versions: unexpected ']' in tvr-microthemer.php on line 3017.

= (Oct 14th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* New vendor prefixes for Sass were added twice if using the Ui fields.

= (Oct 14th, 2019) =

# Improvement
* Vendor prefixes also supported when Sass is enabled.

= (Oct 9th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Regression caused by update. CSS on the full code editor was not written to the active-styles.css stylesheet.

= (Oct 9th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Improved compatibility with LearnPress.

= (Oct 8th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Removed uses of PHP trim() function inside empty() function for compatibility with older versions of PHP.

= (Sept 20th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Auto-generated selector names could be blank if the selector id started with an underscore. This affected the Oxygen page builder.

= (Sept 14th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* MT wasn't picking up Elementor custom classes.
* Issue deleting design packs.

= (Sept 14th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* I forgot to actually include the fix in the previous update!

= (Sept 13th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Loading error when custom CSS code was malformed.

= (Sept 5th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasClass' of undefined (line 142).
* Packs > Import was listing files rather than directories.

= (Sept 3rd, 2019) =

# Enhancement
* Changing a Sass @extend rule doesn't require a full code compile.

# Bugs fixed
* With SASS enabled, disabling selectors or folders didn't update the styling properly.
* Using @extend in the full code editor wasn't fully working.
* Updating an extended selector didn't append other selectors if no other Sass entities were used.
* When rulers were disabled drop shadow appeared in the wrong place.
* Issue with calc() in shorthand properties like padding.

= BETA: (August 5th, 2019) =

# Enhancement
* Microthemer compiles SASS code in the browser almost instantly.
* View > Generated CSS auto-scrolls to the correct line for the current selector
* New keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+G for viewing generated CSS

# Change
* The code editor doesn't auto-complete semicolons or quotes.
* Internet explorer tabs in the full code view do not display by default. They can be re-enabled via the preferences.

# Bugs fixed
* Microthemer didn't regenerate all CSS after changing global !important setting via Preferences > CSS/SCSS.
* The color picker for the transition event value field didn't display correctly.
* Event target and value fields didn't show when loading a selector even when a JavaScript event had been selected.

= (June 26th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Removed ACE editor warning for unrecognised @ rules e.g. @-moz-document.

= (June 26th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* JavaScript editor was auto-saving and reloading the page on type (when it should only save with Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut)

= (June 21st, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Fixed multisite issue with URL paths being incorrect in the View > Change site preview URL menu.

= (June 20th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* A few PHP error warnings.
* Switching from SASS to non-sass didn't convert custom styles to GUI styles if no GUI format styles were already present.
* Full code editor height didn't always update when pasting code into it.
* Full code editor didn't resume correct height when existing detached preview mode in some cases.

= (June 14th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Code editor gutter misaligned when switching between full code view and main UI view.

= (June 10th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Opening MT in a new window from another domain caused cross origin error.

= (May 25nd, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Extra fix for the page spider plugin issue missed in the previous patch.

= beta (May 25nd, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue with admin page spider plugin.
* Deleting the a property value via the GUI options caused the editor to display nothing rather empty selector code if the property was the only property set.

# Enhancement
* Clicking the link fields icon next to e.g. padding sets all fields the same immediately, rather than on next field change. The last edited value is used for syncing if possible. Or the first defined value in the set.

= beta (May 22nd, 2019) =

# Enhancement
* Dock all options left for those that prefer that layout.
* Dock editor only left option for working with GUI fields and code editor interchangeably with ease.
* Detach preview option for those that like use 2 screens when developing (one screen for MT controls, another for the preview).
* Updated ACE editor validation rules and support for CSS grid properties and values.

= (May 15th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* MT's PHP level gzipping was applying to the standalone preferences page. So if there was a problem with the gizip setting it couldn't be switched off via the preferences page.

= (May 6th, 2019) =

# Change
* Quick edit selector tooltip now shows the selector code, like when hovering a selector name in the main selectors menu.

# Bugs fixed
* In sass mode, merging custom code with GUI field styles didn't work if selector contained ] and [ chars.
* In sass mode, blue dot showed on custom code field even if no custom styles were present.
* Selector code tooltips had HTML escaped quotes.

= (April 25th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Issue manually adding a selector in 'Quick edit folder' menu.

= (April 18th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Issue with custom radial gradients being formatted as image urls.

= (April 16th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Issue with clearing folders and selectors styles via the clear icon in the selectors menu (when item wasn't folder or selector in focus).

= (April 10th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Changes made via the editor weren't saving due to the update I released a few minutes ago. Coding while tired is dangerous!

= (April 10th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Minor adjustment to previous fixes.

= (April 10th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Issue with background-image not merging with gradient definition.
* Important not working on shorthand only properties like text-shadow.
* Disabling gradient styles worked via the GUI, but not interchangeably with the code editor.

= (April 9th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Another issue with upgrading MT from old settings.

= (April 5th, 2019) =

# Enhancement
* Faster inline code editor style rendering.
* Edited fields are easier to spot. And the field in focus has a green border. This was previously only available in edge mode.

# Change
* MT opens links to external sites in new window/tab rather than doing nothing when clicked.
* Targeting suggestions in advanced mode only update the highlighting when clicking a field rather than hovering over it. Hovering of the radio input or the number of elements still updates the highlighting.

# Bugs fixed
* Issue with Google fonts subset.
* History was saving too frequently rather than allowing 2 seconds to pass before storing a style change.

= (beta) (Mar 29th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Disabling one property group disabled whole selector.

= (beta) (Mar 29th, 2019) =

# Enhancement
* UI fields and custom code editor can now be used interchangeably.
* Selectors can be edited via the custom code editor.

# Change
* SCSS editor no longer requires Ctrl + S shortcut to save settings.

= (March 21st, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* JS error when upgrading a site that has very old MT settings: Cannot read property 'disabled' of undefined.

= (Feb 8th, 2019) =

# Edge mode trial
* Revised system for flagging edited fields using a blue border. Also added a style for the currently active field.

# Bugs fixed
* Color picker now defaults to the computed value, if no manual value set, without actually applying a new manual value.

= (Feb 22nd, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Another 5.5 upgrade issue. If a selector has no value in the 'Code' field, it could cause an error when opening the folder containing the selector.

= (Feb 18th, 2019) =

# Edge mode blue dot bugs fixed
* z-index issue made dot visible in selectors menu
* Dots were misaligned on list/background image fields.
* Blue dot didn't show on color picker fields.

= (Feb 8th, 2019) =

# Edge mode trial
* Blue dots on the property fields that have manual values to help users relocate previous styles.

# Enhancement
* Enter keyboard key can be used instead of submit button for the following actions:
- Add folder
- Add / edit selector
- Create new selector (if selector or folder name field is in focus)
- Change preview URL via view menu
- Custom media query label
- Import/export (although enter selects menu items and then removes focus from input, so a bit tricky sometimes)

# Bugs fixed
* No validation on custom media queries. Empty labels and code were permitted.
* Hitting enter on custom JS library, import, and export dialogs reloaded the UI.
* Color picker color tooltips were not shown in hex format even if preference set.

= (Jan 17th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* JS error with adding custom selectors via the quick edit folder menu.

= (Jan 16th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Another upgrade issue where old settings caused a JavaScript error.

= (Jan 10th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Issue when deleting the last MT selector via the SELECTOR quick edit menu (missed that whe fixing previous bug).

= (Jan 8th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Issue when deleting the last MT selector via the folder quick edit menu.
* Display issue with categorised dropdown menus e.g. font-family and animation-name.
* Clicking on the number in brackets after the folder name in the main menu didn't open the folder.

= (Jan 7th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* When importing CSS from a stylesheet into MT, repeating media queries generated multiple MT responsive tabs instead of just one per unique media query.

= (Jan 6th, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Upgrade issues for users who's settings were untidy, perhaps due to an inert bug present in a previous version of MT.
* PHP error when editing a Divi page via the backend builder.

= (Jan 2nd, 2019) =

# Bugs fixed
* Computed CSS for flex-basis property was NaNpx if CSS calc() function was used.

= (Dec 30th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* SCSS used on the inline code editor (to the left of the Font property group) wasn't fully supported.

= (Dec 28th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined (line 419). This happened when updating very old Microthemer installs with old setting configurations.

= (Dec 27th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Improved compatibility with the latest Divi theme. Navigating from an active Divi builder page to Microthemer, or activating Divi from inside Microthemer, caused a blank page. This is because Divi breaks out of it's parent window if it finds itself inside another window. Hopefully we can work with Elegant themes to address this when adding deeper integration in future. But for now, the navigation flow allows editing in Divi and then switching to MT to make style changes without problems.

= (Dec 26th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Unnecessary delay in reloading the stylesheet when viewing Microthemer's CSS code.
* MT incorrectly stripped white space from CSS calc() functions.

= (Dec 14th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Issue with servers running PHP 5. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /wp-content/plugins/microthemer/tvr-microthemer.php on line 1792.
* Also related to PHP 5, CSS code was not added to active-styles.css. Just section comments.

# Enhancement
* Added a 'regenerate all CSS' setting to preferences to help fix any lingering issues from the bug fixed in the last version.

= (Dec 14th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Error compiling CSS if comments were used in the custom code editor.

= (Dec 14th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Delays have been now been fully eliminated from the Microthemer interface.
* Microthemer loads much less HTML and remains performant even with 5000+ selectors.
* External image paths can be used when applying background images and list-style images.

# Bugs fixed
* History reported the wrong time for non GMT timezones.

= (Dec 5th, 2018) =

# Minor fixed
* Some unnecessary debug output was being printed to the console.

= (production) (Dec 4th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Save error due to possible 'Undefined offset: 1' in tvr-microthemer.php on line 6931

= (beta) (Nov 28th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Basic support for SCSS. Styles do not render instantly as they must be compiled from SCSS to CSS on the server. There are still noticable speed improvements however. One limitation that remains is that only simple variables can be defined and used on the inline code editor (to the left of the font property group). Unrestricted SCSS can be used on the full code editor.
* Microthemer triggers auto-save if one is pending before existing the interface.
* Google fonts styles can be previewed without waiting for MT settings to save.

# Bugs fixed
* False positive with the multiple tabs warning.
* Updating MT's preferences does not change the preview URL, which could happen sometimes.

= (beta) (Nov 22nd, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Overall speed improvements touching many areas of the program.

# Change
* CSS3 Pie has been removed as it is redundant now.
* Opacity prefixes for supporting IE8 have been removed.

= (Nov 21st, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Fixed SCSS import path on multisite too.

= (Nov 15th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* "Cannot read property 'sectionSlug' of undefined" when flexbox item/container toggle was enabled and trying to switch between tabs.
* Fixed bug with SCSS import path. The base path was set to a non-existent folder. SCSS imports should be set relative to the /wp-content/micro-themes/ folder, which means the paths will be the same for regular CSS imports.

= (Oct 8th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Updated SCSSPHP library so it doesn't cause a warning when scanned with WP Engine's PHP7 compatibility checker plugin.

= (Sept 30th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Cannot read property 'children' of undefined JS error on new installs.

= (Sept 27th, 2018) =

# Change
* Microthemer does not match Elementor's preview width if the max-width of a media query tab matches an Elementor breakpoint UNLESS the media query tab includes the word 'Elementor' in it. Instead, the preview width will be the max-width value of the media query, as is usual Microthemer behaviour.

# Bugs fixed
* The recent scrollable tabs update prevented the 3 dot menu from appearing when hovering over a media query tab. This side effect is still present if the scroll buttons are needed (if there are too many tabs for the available space), as unfortunately there is no way to set overflow-x to hidden while allowing overflow-y to be visible. This is an annoying quick of the CSS spec: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44797150/overflow-x-hidden-only

= (Sept 26th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* PHP error 'exactly 1 parameter, 2 given' in get-dir-paths.inc.php on servers running PHP versions lower than PHP7.

= (Sept 26th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Microthemer's responsive tabs become scrollable if they are too wide for the available space.

# Change
* Microthemer forces LTR layout even for RTL languages like Hebrew because the interface is currently broken with RTL. Supporting RTL will happen in the future, but it will not be a quick fix, hence the current workaround.

# Bugs fixed
* Microthemer's URL for the plugins directory caused cross-domain issues with multisite WordPress installs using domain mapping.
* MTs responsive tabs were not working when Elementor was active if the site language was RTL.

= (Aug 22nd, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* When working with Elementor inside MT, the screen width is not fixed at 1025px, 768px, or 360px for desktop, tablet and mobile respectively. Instead, the screen width can be adjusted using Microthemer's top ruler. This helps design for a full range of screen sizes.
* MT shows exact preview width in pixels (when preview isn't full width).
* Suggested styles for font-size, padding, margin etc is now out of beta. This feature no longer requires 'Edge mode' to be switched on.

# Bugs fixed
* MTs responsive tabs didn't account for the 280px added by the Elementor panel on the left.
* 'elementor-edit-mode' and 'ui-sortable-handle' classes hadn't been added to MTs ignore list when suggesting selectors. These are dynamic classes that only shows when the Elementor UI is active.
* MT was incorrectly ignoring one of Elementor's stylesheets (frontend.min.css) when showing theme styles on the Styles tab.
* Common devices preview still showed when the rulers were switched off.
* MT showed 'Selectors that target zero elements' when targeting an element that had been given an MT animation using the inView (once) event. Or with certain elements when Elementor was active.
* Animation events were triggered when changing settings not relating to animation.
* Microthemer's toggle for Beaver Builder and Elementor goes to the 'on' position even if the page builder is activated using the WP toolbar, rather than MT's toggle.
* Targeting an element with MT that was being styled with Elementor could interfere with Elementor's styling options.

= (July 19th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Links were followed when editing with Beaver Builder or Elementor inside the Microthemer interface. This resulted in exiting Beaver Builder or triggering a warning in Elementor: Content Area Was Not Found.
* Beaver Builder was instantly exiting if enabled by Microthemer's View > Enable Beaver Builder option. This was due to an error in the last update.

= (July 18th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Deep integration with Elementor. Elementor can now be active inside Microthemer so that MT style edits can be made simultaneously. Elementor UI overlays temporarily step aside when targeting content with Microthemer.
* Upgraded the PHP sass compiler to the latest version, which is fully compatible with PHP 7.2.

# Bugs fixed
* Conflict with Beaver Builder when setting MTs preference to hide the admin bar in the frontend preview. The top part of the site was obscured by Beaver Builder's toolbar.
* Targeting form elements that have single keyword attributes like required, rather than the old HTML4 format required="required", with pseudo selectors (e.g. :required) was not working correctly. Microthemer was marking these selectors as targeting zero elements, even when that was not the case.
* :nth-of-type() CSS modifier suggestions menu didn't display immediately when clicking the 'n' inside the brackets.
* PHP 7.2 fatal error: Too few arguments to function tvr_microthemer_frontend::add_first_and_last_classes(). This occurred if the option to add first and last classes to menu items was enabled on servers running PHP 7.2.
* Conflict with pages made with Brizy - elements could not be targeted with Microthemer (unless the Brizy was active inside Microthemer, but it's best to edit Brizy pages when the Brizy editor isn't active, for now at least).

= (July 5th, 2018) =

# Change
* Box model category is called 'Layout' now.
* Animation runs on the single element clicked, mouseenter'd etc even if animation has been applied to a set of elements. In other words, the animation runs on the single element that triggered the event by default. It is possible to

# Enhancements
* Microthemer integrates with Beaver Builder Lite in the same way as the pro version (with a switch in the View menu).

# Bugs fixed
* In draft mode, changes to the JavaScript custom code editor were not rendering on screen immediately (a UI refresh was needed).
* Issue with GeneratePress (and possibly other themes) where by the wrong line of HTML was being highlighted when inspecting elements with Microthemer.
* Microthemer's CSS stylesheet inspector wasn't picking up inline CSS styles added to the head of the page or inside HTML elements.
* Info icon in history restore screen could get messed up if the selector code included quotes.
* Improved compatibility with the latest version of Beaver Builder. During MT targeting mode, clicks no longer trigger BB editing fields (as was the behaviour before a recent BB update).
* Animation events could remain bound to elements after the animation was changed when applying different types of animation to different sets of elements.

= (June 11th, 2018) =

# Enhancements
* Microthemer prevents editing Microthemer inside Microthemer, which could happen if navigating to the admin area from the preview and then going to Microthemer.

# Bugs fixed
* inView animations and transitions weren't showing on initial page load, only when scrolled into view.
* Checkboxes and radios couldn't be checked inside Microthemer.

= (May 7th, 2018) =

# Enhancements
* On new installs of Microthemer, recent colors in color palette are pre-populated with the most used colors on the site. So too are values in the font-family, font-size, and line-height dropdowns, although edge mode must be enabled to see this.
* Added tooltip for next/prev selector buttons for keyboard shortcuts.

# Bugs fixed
* Using transition effects on a selector that has quotes in it caused invalid CSS output.
* Microthemer output an invalid gradient when specifying a gradient angle without setting any colors.

# Edge mode changes
* Recent styles are combined with MT suggestions on properties that have MT suggested values. They come under the general heading 'Suggestions', and are sorted alphabetically with any MT suggestions.
* Suggestions are not shown immediately when an input field is first clicked. Only when typing starts, if the typing matches a value in the dropdown menu. However, suggestions can be shown immediately when clicking a field if the 'Shift' key is being pressed.
* Recent suggestions are only included separately from MT suggestions if the list is long and has sub-headings as is the case with font-family, animation-name, and the transition-property.
* Site styles are only available for sampling with: color, font-family, font-size, and line-height properties.

= (April 30th, 2018) =

# Enhancements
* Keyboard shortcuts added for moving to previous and next selector. Previous selector: CTRL+ALT+, (comma). Next selector: CTRL+ALT+. (full stop)

# Bugs fixed
* Chrome has a bug - the selectable property does not respond to inheritance override. This required a workaround to make certain text in the Microthemer UI selectable.

= (April 27th, 2018) =

# Change
* 'Google fonts...' option in font-family menu launches the google fonts browser popup if the Google font field is already showing. Otherwise it just shows the Google fonts field, for quick selection of a recent font without the popup being a distraction.

# Enhancements
* Microthemer supports more symlinked server environment configs, falling back to WP_CONTENT_DIR constant if other means of getting the path to the content directory fail.
* The current selector is highlighted in the selectors menu.

# Bugs fixed
* Renaming a folder when no selectors exist caused a JS error.

= (April 25th, 2018) =

# Enhancements
* MT inactive code updated for new google fonts subset feature.

# Bugs fixed
* Google font subsets didn't load properly in MT interface after first save.
* Warning about plugin updates with WP_DEBUG enabled when not connected to the internet.
* Google font filters area becomes scrollable if the available screen height is too short to display everything.

= (April 21st, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* PHP error on frontend: Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable. I think this could occur if accessing the frontend before visiting the Microthemer interface after updating to the previous version.

= (April 20th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Microthemer didn't load regular font styles (weight 400) if font was used using another variant (e.g. 700 italic)
* The first empty field in the Google fonts recent dropdown menu was missing.

= (April 20th, 2018) =

# Enhancements
* New Google fonts browser with search, category, and language options.

# Changes
* A new iteration of the trial recent, suggested, and sites styles. Only color and font-family/size styles can be sampled from the page. Only some fields have 'Suggestions' which show when clicking a field (e.g. background-position, animation-duration). And recent styles (for e.g. padding) only show when the user begins typing, or holds the Shift key when clicking a field. Recent styles are organised alphabetically like the other styles, rather than most recent at the top.
* HTML inspector pane in targeting mode doesn't lose focus to the selector label field when a row of HTML is clicked.
* Microthemer's autocomplete autoFocuses the first option in the menu so pressing enter alone will apply the style.
* Text labels show by default when Microthemer is first insatlled. They can be switched off via 'View' menu.

# Bugs fixed
* Using nth-of-type CSS modifiers on a selector that already used :nth-of-type(n) to single out an element could trigger a JS error: Cannot set property code of undefined.
* JS error could trigger under some circumstances: $tooltip.find() is not a function.
* A false positive on the Multiple tabs warning when saving settings very rapidly.

= (March 21st, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Transition / animation properties produced same error as color picker bug on new installs.

= (March 21st, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* The color picker produced an error on new installs.

= (March 18th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Clear icon for clearing site styles.
* Hold shift when using sample/clear sites styles icon to sample/clear all CSS properties.

# Change
* 'Recent' heading changed to 'recent styles', 'Suggested' heading changed to 'suggested styles', 'Sampled' heading changed to 'site styles'.

# Bugs fixed
* For synced fields, like padding with the chain enabled, MT didn't update the recent styles for all fields in the set.
* Inline code editor showed two editors under certain conditions.
* Disabling a property group that had no styles added caused a JS error.

= (March 9th, 2018) =

# Trial Enhancements (enabled these via Preferences > General > Edge mode > Yes).
* 'Recent' styles update as you apply new styles with Microthemer.
* 'Sampled' styles for a given property can be gathered by clicking the sampling icon in all eligible menus.
* 'Suggested' styles for variable inputs like width, margin, opacity etc based on common usage and best practice CSS units (often rems or %).

# Change
* Microthemer does not keep most CSS modifiers (e.g. :hover) enabled after a selector has been created. Only page-id and page-name remain enabled, as shown with a padlock symbol.
* Property text labels for margin, padding, and border updated to be a bit more descriptive, and to prevent confusion with position: top, right, bottom, left labels.
* Microthemer uses wp_enqueue_scripts for loading the stylesheet instead of the deprecated wp_print_styles hook.

# Bugs fixed
* When inserting a background image via the WP media manager, Microthemer was ignoring thumbnail variations and always including the full size image.
* Microthemer's inactive code could queue the stylesheet in a different order of priority than when Microthemer is active. This could lead to inconsistent results due to CSS source order rules. Note: copy the new inactive code from Preferences > inactive to your theme's functions.php file after this update (replacing existing code).
* Occasionally, moving the mouse over a property field didn't clear the light grey computed style which obstructed the input box.
* The last viewed selector wasn't always remembered correctly when loading the MT interface.
* History 'time ago' needed another fix to be accurate.
* Microthemer's directory paths didn't support symlinking: https://themeover.com/forum/topic/problem-with-symlinked-plugin-directory/#post-10349
* Performance issue with synced fields like padding. Typing multiple values in quick succession caused the browser to slow or even hang.
* Quick create options didn't instantly update after setting a pseudo class like :hover. This need to be done first, or the element needed to be reselected after adding :hover.

= (Feb 22nd, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Revision history 'time ago' could be wrong if the blog's timezone differed from the server timezone.

= (Feb 19th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Manual !important settings applied using the "i"s could get lost.

= (Feb 17th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Scroll buttons appeared unnecessarily on custom styles code editor.
* The height of the 'View generated CSS code' editor didn't dynamically adjust to changes in the height of the browser window.

= (Feb 16th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Renaming a folder could generate a JS error if the folder name was similar to the folder of the current selector, but not the current folder.

= (Feb 15th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* The event target field supports jQuery-style dom selection syntax to specify elements relative to the triggering element. Example syntax: .faq-answer|next(). See Microthemer's in-program docs for the event target property for more info.
* Style options always run on a single row. They do not wrap onto multiple lines if the window is not wide enough for the content. Instead, horizontal scroll buttons will appear.
* Microthemer prevents saving settings from a stale tab to prevent overwriting newer styles and the potential loss of selectors that have been renamed or moved to a different folder. Lost selectors appeared as blank items in the selector menu when an outdated tab overwrote settings applied more recently by another tab.

# Bugs fixed
* Using transition event values with the 'Always include !important' preference setting enabled output an invalid 'event-value' CSS property. And also included other unnecessary properties with 'initial !important' as the value.
* Using event-based animation/transition (e.g. :hover, click, mouseenter) on selectors with a pseudo element (e.g. ::before) didn't work.
* Applying the transition event property via responsive tabs could cause a JS error under some circumstances.
* When moving a selector to or from a disabled folder, animation and transition styles remained disabled/active rather than updating according to the disabled/active status of the new folder.
* Disabled animation JavaScripts events remained active, even thought the CSS was successfully disabled.
* Undefined notice when uploading design pack (if WP_DEBUG was enabled in wp-config.php).

= (Feb 7th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* JS error when trying to enable Beaver Builder before the site preview has loaded.
* Elements with a click event for animation or transition could not be selected with a click in targeting mode.
* Microthemer was not ignoring temporary event classes e.g. mt-click.

= (Feb 1st, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Pseudo element modifiers were not updating the selector suggestions (e.g. ::before and ::after).

= (Feb 1st, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue with Convert Pro plugin. The Convert Pro popup script affected Microthemer's onload event, so the site preview controls never initialised. This also resulted in a Something's up error. Updating MTs method of attaching events to the browser's load event solved the conflict.

= (Jan 19th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Saving preferences on standalone preferences page could result in 'Unknown error' on some server environments.

= pre-release (Jan 18th, 2018) =

# Change
* Animation / transition events were bubbling up the dom tree. Now e.stopPropagation() is used.

# Enhancement
* Event value field auto-converts to pixel unit if a number is entered without any unit.

# Bugs fixed
* 'cannot read property removeChild of null' error
* Disabling/re-enabling a responsive tab, when not actually viewing that tab, did not disable animation or transition properties.
* Disabling animation on a responsive tab also disabled transition, and vice versa.
* Clearing the transition property group didn't clear the supplementary color picker for event value.
* Clearing transition or animation didn't hide the event-contingent fields (event target and event value).

= pre-release (Jan 17th, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Using the clear property group icon triggered an error on any group other than transition or animation.
* Disabling styles didn't always work for some property groups under certain conditions.

= pre-release (Jan 16th, 2018) =

# Enhancement
* Added CSS transition properties (pre-release).

# Bugs fixed
* Google fonts were not applying correctly.
* Reordering a selector within the same folder didn't trigger auto-save.

# Change
* When using the Microthemer link in the WP admin top toolbar, Microthemer now strips out the Beaver Builder URL parameter ?fl_builder so as not to make Beaver Builder active in the site preview by default. This seems like the desirable behaviour most of the time, but please let us know if you disagree.

= (Jan 2nd, 2018) =

# Bugs fixed
* Using the clear property group icon triggered an error on the Background property group.

= (Dec 18th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Animation keyframes were being output multiple times instead of once if applied to multiple selectors.
* More than characters (>) imported via the import CSS code feature were converted to HTML entities, making the CSS invalid.
* Invalid CSS selectors anywhere in the interface prevented Microthemer's quick targeting options from highlighting elements in blue that have already been targeted (for quickly navigating back to them instead of creating a new selector).

= (Dec 12th, 2017) =

# Change
* Event-based animation on multiple elements only runs on the single element that was clicked or came into view. Previously, the animation was run on all elements the selector targeted at the same time. This still happens when using the play button to preview animation.

# Enhancements
* Microthemer warns about trying to apply animate.css animations to elements that have the display property set to inline. The animate.css animations don't work on inline elements because they make heavy use of the transform property, which doesn't apply to inline elements.

# Bugs fixed
* Applying more than one :nth-of-type() CSS filter in a row could trigger 'cannot get length of undefined' error under some conditions.
* The colour palette's saved colors could become out of date when switching between pickers.
* If the advanced options weren't enabled in targeting mode with the toolbar in the default top position before switching to the right-docked position, the Styles tab didn't display anything.
* There was no success message on the standalone preferences page after saving settings.
* The site preview didn't adjust to fill the full width when turning rulers off.

= (Dec 8th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Error when using animation JavaScript animation events or reordering selectors: Cannot read property 'styles' of null/undefined.
* Error when clearing an entire selector's styles.

= (Dec 6th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Using MTs off switch for Beaver Builder in the View menu published a page in BB mode even if the user hadn't made any changes while BB was active. Now it exits without publishing if no changes have been made. This means the Page in the WP admin area doesn't get converted to Page Builder mode when no page builder adjustments have been made. Thanks to James Hill for spotting this.
* Beaver Builder overlays could return even after existing Beaver Builder if MT's targeting mode was enabled and then disabled.
* The entire Beaver Builder interface could disappear when using Beaver Builder's module tabs e.g. General, Style, Advanced.

= 5.1.1 (Nov 29th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Using HTML in selector label distorted the Microthemer interface.
* In new Firefox, Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut triggered 'Save page'.
* In new Firefox, outdated stylesheets weren't being removed from the HTML head. And so old styles were lingering after being cleared.

= (Nov 21th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* r.tooltip is not a function error, which made the Microthemer interface unusable on servers running PHP 5.5 or lower.
* JS Error when disabling a folder or selector on a responsive tabs which has no styles.
* Applying a JS event-based animation for the first time didn't work.

= (Nov 20th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* functions.php inactive code now loads animation-events.js script if needed for event-based animation.
* Improved protection against unwanted caching issues when using Microthemer's inactive code in functions.php.

=, animation pre-release (Nov 17th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* JS error when disabling folders or selectors.
* Fixed waypoint compatibility issue with Beaver Builder.

= 5.1, animation pre-release (Nov 14th, 2017) =

# Enhancements
* Animation properties made available in this pre-release.
* Microthemer accurately reports the computed CSS for pseudo elements (e.g. ::before, ::after). I'm still weighing up a global solution that would improve the accuracy of computed CSS for pseudo classes (e.g. :hover, :focus) but would not guarantee 100% accuracy (because the cascade of pseudo classes outside of MT cannot be accounted for). The cost would be switching all ':hover' selectors with ':hover, .mt-hover' in the stylesheet. For now, I'm trialing that technique with the new event feature for animation.

# Bugs fixed * Reordering folders does not open other folders.

= (Nov 8th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* When logged in, Microthemer appended URLs with nocache=[timestamp]. But the timestamp (e.g. 1510141832) was being overwritten by a caching service, perhaps GoDaddy server level caching. So nocache=1510141832 became nocache=1. This resulted in style changes not persisting while working in the Microthemer interface and switching between pages. To solve this, Microthemer now appends urls using: nomtcache=[timestamp]. This ensures the most up to date stylesheet loads.
* With the free trial, changing the folder in targeting mode caused a JavaScript error.

= (Oct 18th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Microthemer wasn't displaying blue 'GO TO' menu when hovering over elements already targeted by existing selectors in targeting mode.
* 'Undefined' error when using green quick create menu in targeting mode.

= (Oct 12th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Using save icon next to the responsive inline code editor, triggered an error if a the inline code editor was also used on the 'All Devices' tab. This error was not triggered when using the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut to save.
* Recent Google fonts optimization introduced a bug whereby newly set Google fonts didn't render immediately. A page refresh was needed.
* Microthemer wasn't remembering to reload the last viewed page if it was manually entered via the 'Change site preview URL' option in the View menu.

= (Oct 1st, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* Optimized Google font stylesheet reloading to eliminate unnecessary reloads.

# Bugs fixed
* Hiding specific responsive tabs from interface wasn't working.
* Directory path to /wp-content could be incorrect for some servers.
* Site frontend exit link could be incorrect on some servers.
* Beaver Builder switch didn't exit BB (alpha version) when turned off. Now it Publishes changes by default and exits BB. Publishing was considered safer than 'Save draft' as BB docs warn against accidentally losing changes when using safe draft. Also, publishing creates revisions that can be restored. Thanks for the advice @zholy9.
* Also, MT was loading BB every time by default when used with the 2.0-alpha-7 version of BB.

= (Aug 21st, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* Added or updated responsive preview dimensions for iPhone 7/7+ and iPad Pro.

= 5.0.8 (Aug 10th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* flex-grow and flex-shrink in-program docs pages updated. * 500 error on servers running PHP 7.1

= (Aug 9th, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* Added flexbox properties (pro version only).
* You can enable CSS property text labels via the 'View' menu. Or using the Ctrl+Alt+L keyboard shortcut.
* Selectors can be dragged to another folder without having to open to the receiving folder first. Just drag a selector over the folder icon to open it. Dragging selectors should be faster now too.

# Change
* Switched JS library from jQuery sortable to Sortable.js
* Gradient property group moved next to background. This will be merged with the background property group when we add support or multiple backgrounds.

# Bugs fixed
* Under some circumstances, dragging selectors between certain folders was not possible.
* Folders and selectors that had been sorted displayed behind the 'Quick edit selector' pop-down, instead of being hidden in that view.
* Microthemer link in top toolbar didn't appear instantly upon first activation.
* The height of the site preview did not adjust correctly upon deleting the last selector or toggling the targeting options' dock position.
* Manually entering an :nth() formula in targeting mode was hindered by focus automatically shifting to the selector label field after each stroke of the keyboard.
* Selecting the empty option from a CSS property dropdown didn't restore the computed value in grey text.

= (July 12th, 2017) =

# Change
* Target button says 'Cancel' when targeting mode is already active, and has a light background. The green and 'Target' text didn't seem quite right.

# Enhancement
* Updated ACE code editor to latest version.
* Microthemer warns that the 'Styles' tab is slowing the browser if the script takes more than one second to parse CSS stylesheets.
* The frontend preview area automatically adjusts to changes in the size of the main UI window. So when launching or closing a native browser inspector, the preview fills the available space nicely without cropping content or leaving an unnecessary gap.
* Microthemer shows a color box next to the computed value for a CSS property if the value is a color value.
* If 'Unknown error' is displayed after trying to save settings, MT suggests refreshing the page due to potential automatic WP logout.
* Microthemer warns before reloading the page after e.g. updating Preferences if Beaver Builder is active in the site preview. This is to protect against accidentally losing Beaver Builder changes.
* Added scrollbars to green 'Quick create/go' list over a maximum height. More improvements to this feature coming soon.

# Bugs fixed
* ACE CSS syntax highlighter acknowledges 'fill' as a valid CSS property.
* On the Targeting suggestions, hovering of 'Choose suggestion' radio or the number also updates the highlighting preview.
* The 'Target' button disappeared in code view during targeting if controls were docked to the right.

= (July 3rd, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Disabling a selector worked immediately, but didn't take effect on returning to the MT interface on a subsequent page load. Even though the selector was marked as disabled in the menu, the styles were still written to the stylesheet.
* Also, folders and selectors weren't marked as disabled in the top toolbar when navigating between disabled folders and selectors.

# Change
* The inspector styles tab shows media queries with @media at start, to make the rules more easily recognisable for what they actually are. The '@media' bit was previously omitted for brevity.

= (June 28th, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* Added a video tutorial for using the targeting options to the 'Help' menu. This is a subset of the recent tutorial showing how to use Microthemer and Beaver Builder together.

= (June 19th, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* 'Choose suggestion' radio buttons precede the Targeting suggestions list. This signals that an option can be chosen over the default top one. And is useful for choosing an option without placing focus on the input field itself (so focus can be given to the label, which gets auto-selected for easily overriding the default).

# Bugs fixed * Auto-select of label text should not have happened when editing a suggested CSS selector via the 'Targeting suggestions' pane. As this moved focus away from the input during typing.
* Using any of the 3 dom navigation options (HTML, breadcrumbs, DOM nav arrows) didn't clear the manually edited CSS suggestion that jumps to the top of the list upon editing, as happens when a new element is clicked on. This could be confusing.

= 5.0.5 (June 17th, 2017) =

# Change
* Max selectors per folder has been increased to from 25 to 40. This limit was added for performance reasons, in anticipation of pending speed optimisations. But 25 seems too restrictive.
* Re-added the previous selector / next selector buttons quick navigation buttons.
* Highlighting has a faint dotted outline when an element has been selected. This should make distinguishing individual child elements from their container a little easier.

# Enhancement
* Tweaked Microthemer's selector suggestion algorithm so it casts the net wider around the target element, and suggests more options for targeting related elements. I found that MT wasn't always finding the optimum selector on themes that produce deep HTML nesting. This is typical with page builders like Beaver Builder.
* Sped up the 'Styles' tab on the advanced targeting options a bit. This was done by adding a list of CSS stylesheets to ignore e.g. wp-admin.min.css and font-awesome. This comes at the cost of completeness. But seems necessary to make this feature acceptably fast on sites that loads lots of CSS. Further 'Styles' tab optimisations include excluding Beaver Builder administrative stylesheets that load on the frontend during editing solely for the BB UI fields.
* Microthemer briefly highlights selector targeting scope when navigating between existing selectors. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the reinstated prev/next selector buttons.
* Microthemer auto-selects the suggested targeting label, so it's quicker to manually change just by typing.

# Bugs fixed
* Using the selector highlight icon only highlighted the first element, even if the selector targeted multiple elements.
* Clicking on the DOM navigation arrows didn't update the 'Styles' tab of the advanced targeting options.
* Border-style dropdown menu didn't have an empty first option for easily clearing the current value.
* Quick edit folder didn't display scroll bars when the number of selectors exceeded the available height.
* Importing a CSS stylesheet with an URL parameter (e.g. ?ver=1.10) could result in an erroneous 'Disallowed extension' message.
* If the current folder/selector was disabled, it showed with a line-through in the menu, but not the top toolbar.

= 5.0.3 (June 14th, 2017) =

# Change
* Double-clicking e.g. a padding field doesn't set all padding fields the same like it used to. This behaviour was too easy to trigger accidentally. The chain icons provide this functionality instead.

# Enhancement
* Improved compatibility with Beaver Builder. Both MT and BB can remain active at all times, instead of heaving to exit BB in order to target elements on the page. Targeting elements wasn't previously possible when BB was active because MT picked up BB interface elements instead of the actual page elements. Also, MT won't launch targeting options if a BB UI element is double-clicked, as this can be happen accidentally and wasn't targeting the underlying page elements even if done intentionally.
* Shaved a few more milliseconds off the 'Save settings' time.

# Bugs fixed
* Fixed "Unknown error" message that could appear when first loading Microthemer. If this happened, saved palette colors didn't save across sessions.
* Microthemer was including the port number e.g. :443 in URLs on SSL sites, or those not using port :80. If this occurs on your site, you may need to refresh the MT interface twice after updated to to fully fix it.
* SCSS compilation errors were not being flagged. And settings did not save correctly as a result.
* All box-shadow, text-shadow, and border-radius fields defaulted to zero if the value in the first field was zero.

= (June 11th, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* Added a 'Dock to right' option for the targeting options, for those that prefer the familiar right-hand layout.
* Added an option to enable Beaver Builder from within Microthemer. See the 'View' menu. This option only appears if Beaver Builder is installed an active.

# Bugs fixed:
* 'Failed to load revisions table' on new installs if trying to view history before saving any changes.
* Changing the preview URL via the view menu failed under some circumstances.

= 5.0.2 (June 8th, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* The HTML navigation arrows have been re-added, this time to the basic targeting view. These were replaced by the HTML and breadcrumbs in the advanced view in version 5. But not everyone spotted that functionality. And not everyone who was using the HTML arrows likes to keep the advanced targeting pane open.
* When importing CSS from a stylesheet (via Packs > import), Microthemer suggests all stylesheets loaded by the current site preview page if you click the refresh icon.
* Beaver Builder medium and small breakpoints can be loaded via the 'Edit media queries' window. See the 'Load media query set' option.

# Change
* Media queries imported from a stylesheet have more informative default labels rather than MQ1, MQ2 etc.

= (June 6th, 2017) =

# Change
* Microthemer remembers if the selector action icons were fully expanded, rather than defaulting back to minimal icons. * The 'settings saved' notification isn't as bold as other notifications. And it shows the time the settings were saved as a tooltip.

# Bugs fixed
* Clicking the HTML code or DOM breadcrumbs in the inspector didn't update the actual CSS pane.

= (June 1st, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Force https on site preview if the Microthemer interface loads over https.
* Removed unnecessary debug output.
* Fixed Internet Explorer issue: Object doesn't support property or method 'isInteger'

= (May 20th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Compatibility issue with PHP7 relating to safe_mode .ini check. Redundant safe_mode check has been removed.
* Background-image file path issue for sites that install WordPress in a sub-directory.

= (May 18th, 2017) =

# Enhancement
* Updated the getting started video.

# Bugs fixed
* Possible issue of Microthemer initially loading in targeting mode after saving preferences, which took two button clicks to get back to the normal style editing mode. Only beta testers would be affected by this.

= (May 17th, 2017) =

# Bugs fixed
* Setting a custom URL for the frontend preview via the 'View' menu stripped out ?parameter=etc, which is often needed to activate page builders.
* Microthemer allowed curly brace character ({) to be added to custom selectors, even though these should be omitted because Microthemer adds the curly brace when writing to the stylesheet. The presence of curly braces also caused console warnings.
* Internal debugging system didn't report JS errors at the exact point they were triggered, only on the next save.
* The JS icon wasn't right on the custom JavaScript code editor. (May 13th, 2017)

# Enhancement
* Sped up the selection/deselection of elements in basic targeting mode (and in advanced view when 'Styles' tab is not active).
* Added more :nth() pseudo selector recipes to the suggestions menu.
* Using the up/down arrow on style option menus instantly applies the value. This also works on the :nth() pseudo selector suggestions, where it's particularly useful for visually exploring what's possible.
* The color picker defaults to full rgba opacity, even if the computed value for color is 'transparent', which it often is.

# Bugs fixed
* 2nd attempt at fixing @mrover's issue - PHP syntax error: unexpected '[';
* Suggested pseudo selector e.g. :nth-child(n+2) was not working due to presence of plus (+) sign.
* Applying an :nth() pseudo selector suggestion reset the targeting to the default selector that only targets one element.
* 'No element' was shown in the targeting field if enabled pseudo selectors caused MT to only produce selectors that target nothing. Now the pseudo selectors are shown (even in the basic view), and the CSS modifier icon goes orange.
* Removing pseudo modifiers that caused no elements to be targeted didn't restore normality immediately (under specific conditions). Beta (May 11th, 2017)

# Enhancement
* Color picker has palettes for sampling site colors, saving colors, and showing the last 11 colors used.
* Made some presentational changes to the folders & selectors menu. Including a new icon for sorting the order of selectors.
* Made CSS selector updating via the folders and selectors menu more congruent with the new code/label sync system in the selector wizard.
* Added a new option to the selector actions (in the main and quick edit menus) for re-targeting an existing selector using the selector wizard.

# Change
* Changed keyboard shortcut for toggling targeting mode to: Ctrl+Alt+T. 'T' used instead of 'I', because we're calling it 'targeting mode' instead of 'inspection mode'.
* Removed the prev/next selector nav arrows from top toolbar. Happy to return these if they were popular, but maybe to the right of the selector name in the top toolbar.
* Toggle for targeting mode now says 'Target' to make it more obvious.
* WP admin toolbar on frontend can be targeted/styled too (not the admin interface yet though).
* Feathers, to indicate styles present on folder/selector/tab/property group, have become blue dots.
* Targeting mode does not persist across page refresh. You must click the targeting button again if you wish to return to that mode.
* 'Settings saved' message shows after each save, to reassure users that auto-save is happening.
* Double-click launches targeting mode AND selects the element that was double-clicked. This is like the classic double-click functionality. But single-clicking AFTER the double-click will unselect the element, and hover targeting will be enabled.
* PHP4 constructor replaced with PHP 5+ constructor on JSON class.

# Bugs fixed
* Add first and last classes to WP menu feature does so in a better way. This should fix conflict with Max mega menu.
* border-color shorthand property wasn't being imported correctly, when importing CSS values from a stylesheet.
* nth-type pseudo selectors inout field didn't display useful suggestions.
* When expanding the advanced targeting options, the HTML preview didn't default to the current element. And the breadcrumbs didn't display properly (with drag ability).
* Reordered selectors needed an extra save for the order to be retained on the next page load under some conditions.

5.0 Beta (April 13th, 2017)

# Enhancement
* Microthemer can import selectors and styles from a CSS stylesheet or arbitrarily pasted CSS code.
* Microthemer automatically names selectors for quicker targeting.
* Selector labels can be synced with the actual CSS targeting code (useful for devs that glean more meaning from actual CSS selectors).
* Microthemer now uses hover-then-click targeting over double-click. Although double-click can still be used to toggle targeting mode on or off. So too can the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+I.
* Quick create / navigate buttons appear on the page in hover mode for instant selector creation or relocating a previously created selector visually.
* An updated selector suggestion algorithm scans HTML code more extensively, but prioritises only a handful of selectors based on which selectors target a unique set of elements on the page (e.g. 1, 3, 8 etc). Equivalent suggestions are available via a dropdown menu. Also, Microthemer always finds (and defaults to) a selector that targets the single element you click, by using :nth-of-type() if no ids or classes will do the job.
* The selector wizard options have been split into basic and advanced. The basic view allows for more screen space, while the advanced view provides functionality offered by native browser inspectors: HTML/CSS inspection. They are not just for reporting. Microthemer will suggest selectors based on which lines of HTML, or dom breadcrumb you click.
* Microthemer provides instant validation of how many elements your selector targets when customizing a suggestion in the selector wizard (either in basic view with code synced selector label, or in the targeting pane of the advanced options).
* Microthemer provides a list of pseudo selectors/elements that can be applied to the auto-generated CSS selectors.
There is also an option for prefixing selectors with a page-id, so styles can easily be applied to a single page.
* Added keyboard shortcut to trigger selector highlight: Ctrl+Alt+h (Windows) or Command+alt+h (Mac).
* Updated PHP SCSS compiler.
* Added JS Libraries dialog for enqueuing native WordPress JavaScripts.
* Allowed Command for Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut on Macs.
* Added quick toggle for full code editor under MT logo.
* Code editors can be drag resized if this preference is set via the option to the left of the code editor.
* Code editors can be searched with Ctrl+F.
* Microthemer supports multiple border radius values per corner e.g. border-top-left-radius: 1em 5em;
* Microthemer saves settings a bit faster. But the big speed improvements are yet to come!

# Change
* The selector wizard appears horizontally at the top rather than to the right. This is so the current screen width is not disturbed, which can lead to incidentally triggering media query styles.
* .input-wrap classes to .tvr-input-wrap in MT interface to prevent conflict with TK Google Fonts plugin.
* Browser native scroll bars are used for scrolling (faster).
* Hover tooltips no longer have a pointer as this could often break.
* When importing scss with @import at the top of the custom code editor, the starting directory is /wp-content/micro-themes/. So if importing a scss file located in your theme directory, the import path you add in MT would be @import '../themes/[your-theme-name]/scss/file.scss'
* Fully removed auto-capitalization behaviour on selector names etc.

# Bugs fixed * Navigating from a WordPress Post/Page preview to Microthemer caused issues. Unpublished previews cannot be loaded in Microthemer properly. Also, there was a issue with URLs getting double // in the path, which triggered 'Something's wrong' message.
* Unlocking with email addresses that contained a "+" character failed.
* Fixed conflict with Uber menu not opening on mobile.
* Fixed issue with IE stylesheets being called after main Microthemer stylesheet under some circumstances.
* Style-indicating feathers update properly when moving selectors between folders.
* Wizard's computed CSS no longer lists custom CSS as a property.
* Fixed tab alignment of certain properties in active-styles.css
* Updated in_array() JS function to use === false as returned key can be zero.