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Gutenberg responsive CSS

Microthemer 7.3 released

Microthemer 7.3 includes deep integration with Gutenberg. This means you can style Gutenberg blocks with Microthemer by loading the block editor directly inside Microthemer. Care… Read More »

WordPress Black Friday - Top 10 Indie Plugins

A round up of WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday round ups (2023)

This article is a list of lists. Black Friday deals often get compiled by various WordPress businesses around Black Friday. They’re often referred to as… Read More »

WordPress Black Friday - Top 10 Indie Plugins

WordPress Black Friday – Top 10 Indie Plugins (2023)

As the owner of a small WordPress plugin business myself, I recently spent some time researching other WordPress Black Friday plugin deals that my customers… Read More »

WordPress CSS page speed

Microthemer 7.2 released

Microthemer 7.2 delivers page speed performance optimisation right out of the box. Just install it and start designing. Microthemer will automatically organise your CSS styles… Read More »

Make your WordPress designs pop with CSS masks and shapes

Make your WordPress designs pop with CSS shapes and masks

We’ve added support for CSS masks and shapes in Microthemer version¬† These effects can make your designs look more friendly and modern. And distinguish your… Read More »

WordPress Black Friday - Top 10 Indie Plugins

New interface, new docs

I have some very exciting news to share with you today. I’ve been quiet for precisely one year. Quietly working very hard on version 7, which… Read More »

This image shows a comparison between new interactions and new CSS properties, which can be controlled by a mouse and keyboard.

Sliders, filters, transforms, and better support for CSS units

The latest release of Microthemer includes two new sets of CSS properties: transforms and filters. And makes it easier to fine tune these properties, along… Read More »

This image is showing a section of a webpage with containers for a music instructor's cases, headings, text, links, and a background text link.

Using Microthemer with Oxygen

Microthemer’s integration with Oxygen has been finalised now. This means you can use Oxygen and Microthemer at the same time, from a single browser tab…. Read More »

In this image, Gutenberg Blocks are being used to create a website or web page. Full Text: Gutenberg Blocks

Mobile first Gutenberg grids with auto-responsive columns

I’ve been playing around with Gutenberg blocks since releasing Microthemer’s new drag and drop CSS grid controls. And I think I’ve settled on the best… Read More »

The image depicts Microthemer taking a giant leap forward in WordPress design by introducing a drag and drop CSS Grid. Full Text: DRAG & DROP CSS GRID One small step for Microthemer, one giant leap for WordPress design THEME YN OVER

Create beautiful WordPress CSS Grid layouts with drag & drop

For those of you who might be unsure why there is so much hype about CSS grid, it largely solves the issue of laying out… Read More »

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