Create beautiful WordPress CSS Grid layouts with drag & drop

The image depicts Microthemer taking a giant leap forward in WordPress design by introducing a drag and drop CSS Grid. Full Text: DRAG & DROP CSS GRID One small step for Microthemer, one giant leap for WordPress design THEME YN OVER

For those of you who might be unsure why there is so much hype about CSS grid, it largely solves the issue of laying out content neatly and reliably. And with the release of Microthemer 6, using CSS grid to create beautiful web layouts is as simple as drag and drop. This feature brings the power of CSS grid to the masses.

To give you some overall context, Microthemer is a point and click CSS and Sass editor for WordPress. You can style absolutely anything you can see on the page, regardless of what theme or plugin generated the content. And as of today, Microthemer includes awesome visual support for CSS grid.

Main features

  1. Create any number of rows and columns by simply dragging the grid boundary.
  2. Position and resize items within the grid using drag and drop.
  3. Switch between the visual controls and code editor seamlessly.
  4. Full support for CSS grid properties.
  5. Works alongside your favourite WordPress tools, not instead of.

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