Using Microthemer with Oxygen

Microthemer’s integration with Oxygen has been finalised now. This means you can use Oxygen and Microthemer at the same time, from a single browser tab. Or, via two connected tabs when using two screens.

This is exciting news. Microthemer and Oxygen are well suited because both tools cater for developers as much as beginners. And with the latest integration, our mutual community of users can combine both applications seamlessly.

Note: you can jump to specific sections of the video below.

  • Microthemer overview
  • Using Microthemer and Oxygen at the same time
  • CSS grid example
    1. Create rows and columns with drag and drop
    2. Position items within the grid using drag and drop
    3. Adapting grids for mobile
    4. Overriding Oxygen flexbox layouts
  • 9 Reasons to use Microthemer with Oxygen
    1. Full CSS variable support
    2. Responsive CSS variable technique
    3. Customisable media query breakpoints
    4. Granular control over page element styling
    5. Advanced HTML and CSS inspection
    6. Style sets of related elements in one go
    7. Code editor and UI fields can be used interchangeably
    8. Lightning fast Sass support
    9. Clean CSS code is written to a single CSS file, which can be loaded manually after uninstalling Microthemer
  • Additional integration features
    1. Load Microthemer's stylesheet after Oxygen
    2. Media query views synced with Oxygen
    3. Site navigation menu for loading Oxygen pages and templates
    4. Oxygen HTML cleaned when active for easier inspection
    5. Improved selector algorithm, thanks to awesome user testing by Dean Phillips
    6. Oxygen Enhancer and Agency Tools integration
    7. Online Oxygen demo

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