A round up of WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday round ups (2023)

WordPress Black Friday - Top 10 Indie Plugins

This article is a list of lists. Black Friday deals often get compiled by various WordPress businesses around Black Friday. They’re often referred to as “round ups”. It can be helpful to skim through these lists to find brands you recognise or discover new products at a fraction of the price. And to make your skimming highly efficient, I’ve compiled a top 10 round up of other WordPress deal round ups. Happy shopping!

  1. Our top 10 indie WordPress plugins round up
  2. WP Manage Ninja’s round up
  3. WP Tuts BF roundup
  4. Another “list of lists” by WS Form
  5. WP Pickup deals organised by category
  6. 101 WordPress Black Friday deals
  7. A curated list of 20 deals
  8. Web Appick’s big deal roundup
  9. Roundup with BF banners by wpmet
  10. WP Mayor’s roundup with category scrolling

Oh and if some of your new Black Friday tools generate content that you want to style, check out Microthemer. It’s a visual CSS style editor that can change the appearance of any part of any WordPress page. It’s optimised for page speed and is very actively supported.

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