Beaver Builder & Microthemer

The winning combo for WordPress design

Beaver Builder and Microthemer

Build with Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular WordPress page builder. It allows users to create responsive page layouts with drag and drop. And it has a broad set of modules for quickly adding videos, slideshows, maps and more. So you can quickly create rich content on the fly, all without writing code. Being a page builder, Beaver Builder specialises in the generation of content.

Beautify with Microthemer

Microthemer is a visual CSS editor for WordPress. It provides a visual interface for customising the appearance content already on the page. Microthemer specialises in providing a broad set of styling options that can be applied to any element. And so it's popular among page builder users that want a complementary GUI tool for applying granular CSS styling to their designs.

What can you do with both plugins?

Use Beaver Builder for:

Responsive drag & drop layouts

Beaver Builder is an incredibly intuitive drag and drop page builder. It can handle any mix of columns and rows your imagination can conceive - responsively. It really does nail the flexibility-simplicity balance.

Galleries, maps, forms & more

With tons of content modules to choose from, adding rich content like sign up forms, images galleries, Google maps, videos, slideshows, and accordions etc has never been easier.

Fast site development

Jump start your design by adapting a professional template. And reuse your custom content modules for blazingly fast WordPress development.

Integrating your favourite widgets

Beaver Builder supports shortcodes and widgets. So you can drop in WordPress widgets like recent posts, or custom menus. As well as plugin widgets, like the WooCommerce shopping cart.

Use Microthemer for:

Extended styling options

Choose from over 100 CSS styling options. Visually apply animations, transitions, Google fonts, drop-shadows, gradients, and more. Microthemer provides that extra styling power.

Granular element targeting

Microthemer lets you restyle absolute anything you can see on the page. Headers, footers, sidebars, you name it. If you can see it you can style it.

Styling multiple elements at once

We often want to apply consistent formatting to common elements. Like these 8 features. With Microthemer, you create one selector to apply the same styling to all.

Responsive touch-ups

Microthemer integrates with Beaver Builder's responsive breakpoints - matching them exactly. So you can easily add the finishing touches to polish off your Beaver Builder mobile and tablet layouts.