Blank Artisteer3 – WordPress Micro Theme

Blank Artisteer3 is a Blank Slate Micro Theme
for Artisteer v3 – which must be purchased separately!

Author: Themeover
Requires: Microthemer

Theme Description

Blank Artisteer3 is a Theme Pack for WordPress Themes created using Artisteer (version 3), which is a piece of software for creating websites on your PC. It’s been designed to work with ANY Artisteer website that’s been exported as a WordPress Theme. Like all of Themeover’s Theme Packs, this package contains no actual styles, just plenty of options for adding in your own!

Theme Tags

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Tested in Modern Browsers

Blank Artisteer3 has been tested in the following browsers:

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 to 9

Theme Files

  1. config.json
  2. debug-save.txt
  3. debug.txt
  4. license.txt
  5. meta.txt
  6. readme.txt
  7. screenshot.gif

Instructions in readme.txt


  1. You Need to Enable the !important Preference
  2. A Note About Adding CSS3 PIE/Position Values to Some Elements
  3. A Note About Selectors That Don’t Appear To Highlight Anything

1. You Need to Enable the !important Preference

Artisteer occasionally makes use of the !important CSS declaration to make certain CSS design styles hard to override. The only way to trump an !important CSS declaration is with another !important declaration. So Microthemer now has an option on it’s Preferences page to globally add the !important CSS declaration to all styles generated by Microthemer. This ensures that all styles in a parent theme or plugin can be changed.

2. Adding CSS3 PIE/Position Values to Some Elements

Artisteer uses a clever CSS trick to give HTML page elements multiple background images (when it’s normally only possible to apply one). This Theme Pack allows you to override this functionality if you want to change backgrounds. But in order to keep the design options intelligibly simple, the freedom to do this has a side-effect on certain elements when “Position” values are set or CSS3 PIE is enabled.

When applying a “Position” value of any kind to elements that have the Artisteer multiple background hack applied to them, the layout is likely to get a little messed up. Because when CSS3 PIE is enabled, a “Position” value of “Relative” automatically gets applied, this can also mess up the way things appear (even if you haven’t set “Position”). Note: this issue will only be relevant to a handful of elements on your page.

= The Solution To The Position Problem =
1. If you notice that your layout gets messed up when you apply a “Position” value (e.g. “absolute” or “relative”), simply undo that change. Note: setting position values in CSS can often have slightly unexpected results generally! Just bear in mind that the cause may not always be the issue outlined here.
2. When you apply CSS3 styles, set CSS3 PIE to “Off”. That way, you will still be able to have rounded corners, gradients, and box-shadow for users with modern browsers. Internet Explorer would simply fall back to a solid color, with square corners and no box-shadow.

3.Selectors That Don’t Appear To Highlight Anything

When you create a WordPress Theme with Artisteer, there are a number of elements you may or may not incorporate into your design. This Theme Pack for Artisteer is designed to accommodate any eventuality. The upshot of this is that, from time to time, you will come across a selector that doesn’t appear to highlight the thing the label suggests it should highlight. This is no cause for concern. And it doesn’t mean that Microthemer is broken. It just means that the selector targets an element that you could have included in your design, but it just so happens that you didn’t.


Just made minor amendments to the description of this Theme Pack to communicate the fact that this works with WordPress themes exported using Artisteer version 3. A separate one has been made for Artisteer version 4.