Blank Twenty Eleven – WordPress Micro Theme

Blank Twenty Eleven is a Theme Pack for Twenty Eleven – which is free to download!

Author: Themeover
Requires: Microthemer or Microloader

Theme Description

This is a Theme Pack for the default WordPress theme “Twenty Eleven”, by Automattic. Automattic describe Twenty Eleven as “sophisticated, lightweight, and adaptable.”. Twenty Eleven supports custom header images, which can be set individually for different pages, and widget areas include: sidebar, three footer areas, and a Showcase page widget area.

Theme Tags

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Tested in Modern Browsers

Blank Twenty Eleven has been tested in the following browsers:

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 to 9

Theme Files

  1. meta.txt
  2. screenshot.jpg
  3. config.json
  4. debug.txt
  5. readme.txt

Instructions in readme.txt


  1. A note about avoiding fixed-units when adjusting the dimensions of certain elements.
  2. Removing the speech bubble arrow graphics next to user comments

1. Structural Elements – Avoid Fixed Units

A strong feature of the Twenty Eleven theme is that you can specify different layouts in the Theme Options page. Twenty Eleven adapts well to changes in the layout because it uses a “Fluid Layout”. A fluid layout uses percentage or ’em’ units for specifying width, height, padding and margin, as opposed to a fixed pixel unit.

The upshot of this is that if you start giving fixed width dimensions to various elements that control the structure of the website (e.g. the “Wrapper” selector in the “Main Body” section or the “Primary Wrapper” and “Content” selectors in the “Content” section), you’re likely to run into problems if you’re not CSS savy.

2. Removing Speech Bubble Graphics from User Comments

Twenty Eleven adds speech bubble graphics (SBGs) to the left of user comments. This looks nice. But if you were to alter the design of the comments, the grey speech bubble arrows might start to look a little bit incongruous. The SBGs are applied using the “content:” CSS selector. Microthemer doesn’t provide a property option for overriding this CSS property, so an alternative way to override it is provided in the Hand-Coded CSS textarea at the bottom of the Microthemer UI. To allow removal of the SPG, click the “Edit Hand-Coded CSS” link at the bottom of the UI and then remove the /* and the */ from either side of the “content: normal” property.


This is version 1.0. There have been no changes.