Friends of Themeover

Abland (A.K.A James Hill)


People often assume that Abland works for Themeover as tech support because he answers their questions in our forum. He doesn’t. Abland does this out of the kindness of his exceptionally large heart. Over the years he has jumped in on countless support requests and supplied the code to make Microthemer work with multi-site. He continues to contribute.

Abland finds time to help other people in addition to running DATA49, a unified solution for WordPress development and hosting. If you’re in the market for web services, is there any reason why you wouldn’t enlist the nicest WordPress guru on the planet?

Jose Luis


Jose initially emailed us to communicate his disbelief that Microthemer was not translation ready. His offer to amend this for the price of a developer license was so generous that we gave him the license for free with no condition he follow through. But follow through he did. And now, rather that help him promote his talents as a prolific programmer, we plot to keep him for ourselves to work on color pickers and other treats.


ahraleJust moments after Jose completed his internationalisation of the text strings in Microthemer, Ahrale submitted a full Hebrew translation! We were utterly bowled over by this. Microthemer has a lot of text to translate. To do this on a voluntary basis shows great community spirit. Ahrale has translated over 350 WordPress plugins to Hebrew. Find out more about his WordPress services here.