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    • Amazing CSS Styling Plugin (5 stars) March 6, 2024
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars One of the best CSS styling plugins to use in combination with page builders. There are often times functionalities that needs to be done outside of the builder, but integrated into the overall site as a short code, or custom code and this is where Microthemer really shines. It allows […]
    • Wow (5 stars) September 6, 2022
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars This is one bad mamajama. It’s a custom CSS plugin on steroids.
    • an excellent job!!! (5 stars) July 19, 2022
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars excellent
    • Excelente (5 stars) June 25, 2022
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars Simplesmente impecável
    • Easy to use and extremely well made plugin (5 stars) December 6, 2021
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars Before I discovered Microthemer I used to write custom CSS code, which was okay, but it was very time-consuming to find the exact CSS classes to modify. With Microthemer (Targeting mode turned on) it is very easy to find and change the CSS I need, and I can make simple […]
    • Highly recommended (5 stars) October 31, 2020
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars I used to write custom CSS code in the theme customizer, which is OK for a few small changes, but not for serious CSS coding. MicroThemer is a huge improvement for developers, but it makes styling also easier for people who don’t know much about CSS. It offers a great […]
      Martin Sauter
    • Brilliant! (5 stars) September 15, 2020
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars Absolutely love the plugin. I have been using the free version and it has saved my a$$ multiple times when a small thing about a theme would break something serious. Love the responsive ability to change settings very precisely. totally recommended for all wordpress folks.
    • A must have plugin for fast website developing (5 stars) August 26, 2020
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars A must have plugin for fast website developing. Either you are a web developer or a beginner with WordPress you should purchase the pro plugin for best editing. Even free plugin does have much for a beginner.
      Mohammad Arshad
    • A must have plugin for everyone building custom sites (5 stars) July 30, 2020
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars While page builders and the block editor are becoming the standard in creating sites Microthemer becomes an even more important tool for web creators. With an increasing amount of blocks and page builder widgets from a variety of sources become available, the quest for consistent design is becoming more challenging. […]
    • By far the most useful of the Visual CSS editors (5 stars) June 10, 2020
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars All the other visual CSS editor I know of (site Origin, Yellow Pencil and CSS Hero) want $ for the one and only function for which I needed them; font changes to elements, which function the theme I use doesn’t support. I’m starting to wonder if the theme developer has […]
    • Just awesome :) (5 stars) May 10, 2020
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars Thanks for this awesome plugin, it’s deep integration with Oxygenbuilder and your great support. It simply works 🙂 This topic was modified 4 years, 1 month ago by Anonymous User 16703029.
      Anonymous User 16703029
    • Génial (5 stars) May 9, 2020
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars Je cherchais à modifier la couleur au survol des liens, avec ce plugin j’ai découvert bien plus. Et une fois qu’on a compris comment cela marche, c’est un régal. Donc bravo et merci à Microthemer Lite
    • I love the plugin and support! (5 stars) January 11, 2020
      Replies: 0 Rating: 5 stars Its a joy to work with and Mr. Sebastian fixed the problem even when I am just free user. Thank you!
    • A Game Changer (5 stars) December 3, 2019
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars This is an amazing plugin that has changed my development workflow significantly. I used to create a custom functionality plugin with SCSS to override my themes CSS which was a slow process of trial and error. Now, I still create the custom functionality plugin, but I don’t have to create […]
      Adam Henriksen
    • Top customer server on a weekend!! (5 stars) November 25, 2019
      Replies: 0 Rating: 5 stars Had a small issue with loading a CSS theme, Seb was on the case on a Sunday night and fixed my problem remotely. Probably the best customer support in the world!!! Amazing bit of software, could not live without it. Cheers Dan This topic was modified 4 years, 7 months […]
    • The easiest way to visually customize layouts in WordPress. (5 stars) October 2, 2019
      Replies: 0 Rating: 5 stars Lightweight and efficient. If you need to change some details in your site’s layout, Microthemer will help you a bunch. The best part is that you don’t need to keep the plugin activated if you don’t want, just copy the modifications and paste them in the Custom CSS field (on […]
      Márcio Duarte
    • This is awesome & will be better when I figure out how to use it… (5 stars) May 29, 2019
      Replies: 0 Rating: 5 stars I will admit: for me, this plugin was a little more than a little complicated at first, but once I got the hang of it, things were easy to customize! I am looking forward to getting a better understanding of what is what so that I can easily customize EVERYTHING […]
    • CSS (and JS) Tuning for Everyone! (5 stars) October 2, 2018
      Replies: 1 Rating: 5 stars I love this tool because it allows the experienced developer to quickly, easily and with almost zero impact be able to craft CSS solutions to design problems on top of Page Builders quickly and easily including a kind of IDE for CSS and even throw in some JavaScript for event […]
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