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    • CSS (and JS) Tuning for Everyone! October 2, 2018
      Replies: 1 I love this tool because it allows the experienced developer to quickly, easily and with almost zero impact be able to craft CSS solutions to design problems on top of Page Builders quickly and easily including a kind of IDE for CSS and even throw in some JavaScript for event handling, etc. At […]
    • It simply works ! January 19, 2018
      Replies: 1 This plugin is the best thing since sliced bread.
    • Awesome plugin December 2, 2017
      Replies: 1 This is one of the most important/one of the FIRST TO INSTALL plugin for me, when making a new WP install. It is great in many ways : -let’s you see your changes on the go (no need to save/exit/refresh) -creates CSS code – which is a big help, for those who just […]
    • Great Support and does what it says November 8, 2017
      Replies: 1 I’m new to Microthemer and found that the simple things I wanted to do were indeed simple to do but that the changes I made seemed to be ephemeral. So I contacted Microthemer support. As soon as they had the required information, Microthemer worked on the issue. They identified that there really was […]
    • Superb Styling Plugin July 24, 2017
      Replies: 1 Microthemer has enabled me to gain complete control over appearance. After several months of use, I can get the look I want 90% of the time and this percentage is steadily increasing. It’s also a good learning tool. I combine it with GeneratePress and its addons – GP sets up the site, then […]
    • Timesaver July 18, 2017
      Replies: 2 I’ve been using Microthemer for a long time now (a year or two) and just realised I never posted a comment here (use the full version, so don’t really come here to download it)… Microthemer is one of the few plugins I install on every WP site, along with backup and security plugins… […]
    • Microthemer: you want to learn css while beautify your WP theme June 4, 2017
      Replies: 1 If your theme needs some brush up then Microthemer is the plugin of your choice. Its that easy: Watch the short Videos on, install the Plugin, play around in Draft Mode and you are up and runing in 30minutes! All in wysiwyg-mode – fantastic!
    • Fantastic product and huge time saver. May 24, 2017
      Replies: 1 The new version 5 is a serious step up.
    • Excellent!!! May 19, 2017
      Replies: 2 The new paid version (5) has just come out and it’s brilliant!!! Get over there now and enjoy a 40% (!) discount folks. Worth every cent.
    • $45.00 product -$1,000 Tech support April 6, 2017
      Replies: 0 I contacted support and got a very fast reply from Sebastian. I contacted him after I downloaded the standard license but could not make adjustments to my site with Microthemer. I provided login info and again received a fast response from Sebastion. The problem was with the caching at my hosting service. I […]
    • Focus on creating beautiful pages, get the pro version!! December 30, 2016
      Replies: 0 Once you get the hang of it, this allows you to focus on creating great looking pages without the need to go back and forth to code and preview. Streamlined and effective. Highly recommend getting the full version.
    • This plugin is really a gamechanger May 10, 2016
      Replies: 0 As much as I loved the look and feel of CSSHero, the poor UX made it impossible for me to use. In the end I got a refund. Then luckily I happened upon Microthemer Lite and I was back in business. I am a site architect and not a developer, so CSS has […]
    • A Game Changing WP Tool May 10, 2016
      Replies: 0 Microthemer has changed my life. It is an amazing tool for editing and customizing WordPress sites to perform, function and respond exactly as you want them to. If you can double-click, Microthemer is for you. If you want to easily and quickly customize a WordPress site, Microthemer is for you. If you have […]
    • Simple to use, great support December 15, 2015
      Replies: 0 This is a great plugin for someone with basic CSS understanding and the desire to modify the appearance of themes. I have been testing it a bit and it seems really straightforward and powerful. There was an incompatibility with the minification plugin I use, but the support by Microthemer was amazing. A workaround […]
    • It ticks my boxes… and I am very discerning May 11, 2015
      Replies: 0 Found the plugin first on Code canyon Played the video show reel and was thrilled with what I saw but skeptical (as I has looked at so many…it got hard to see the gems from the rocks). Tried the plugin out. Yeahhh.. so far so good (little bit of a learning curve aside)… […]
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