Microthemer 1.3 – What Next?

We have big plans for Microthemer. This post outlines planned improvements to the plugin and the themes we’re planning on supporting next.

Development Road Map

Our thoughts on what’s good about Microthemer tend to be in line with what customers have fed back to us. Namely, that it’s all about the visual editing view. And so improvements to the visual editing view is the running theme here. We plan to:

  • Make the lightbox for displaying background images and CSS Property info work in the visual editing view
  • Show the “styles count” next to selector names in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the visual editing view (the count is helpful for reminding you which selectors you’ve applied styles to in the default view)
  • Provide an option for adding new selectors (and possibly new sections) from the visual editing view
  • Provide an option for loading the right-hand sidebar controls over the visual editing view
  • Add a “Display Active Styles” button to selectors in the visual editing view which displays the styles being applied by the theme’s default CSS. The values would display in blue over input fields. They would be for reference only. They wouldn’t feed into your settings when you click the “Save” button. There would also be a small “Hide” link next to the “Display Active Styles” button.
  • A mystery “Killer Feature” that will take Microthemer to the next level. We’re keeping this one under wraps because we’re not sure how things are going to pan out during development. We’ll keep you posted either way.

Themes & Plugins To Do

As ever, we’re taking customer requests on which themes and plugins to support with scaffolds. Here are some themes & plugins currently on our radar.

  • Canvas by WooCommerce
  • Genesis by StudioPress
  • The top selling themes on Themeforest
  • The most downloaded free wordpress.org Themes
  • More AppThemes Themes
  • Manifest
  • Ultimatum
  • NextGen Gallery plugin
  • DivUp Content plugin
  • Support for customizing popular image sliders

If you’ve requested support for an unmentioned theme or plugin, please remind us!

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