New Revision History Feature Added To Microthemer

Plenty of new features have been added to Microthemer since it was first launched early in 2012, but we thought that this one was worth writing about. As of Microthemer 1.4, you can now revert back to a previous state if you accidentally overwrite your settings.

A revision is logged when ever you do something that changes the settings stored in the database (and consequently updates the CSS stylesheet, which affects the design of your WordPress website). So for instance, if you import settings from another design pack, reset the interface, clear your styles, or just apply a new style, Microthemer will create a revision for that action which can be restored at a later date if necessary.

There is a new “Restore settings from a previous save point” option in the left menu. Simply Click the roll back icon and Microthemer will load a table of revisions for you to choose from. Microthemer will keep track of your last 50 actions that changed the settings in the Microthemer UI. The Revisions table presents these actions in reverse chronological order. To roll back to a previous state, simply click the restore link in the right-hand side and hey presto, you’re back where you were. Catastrophe averted!

This revision history feature is in line with a number of other features we’ve released recently that are aimed at making Microthemer a more robust application. Our next steps will be making significant improvements to the visual editing view, including a mystery killer feature that we’re very excited about. Stay tuned for more on that.

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