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When I select the iphone viewport and select “manage folders and selectors” – this drops down over the viewport, obscuring the view. This then obscures the image and I cannot see the highlighted selectors.

So … can I have the viewport centered in the middle of the canvas screen or even better – be able to drag the viewport around?


@shamrockoz – yes happy to discuss features and techniques you’d like to see in Microthemer any time.

Regarding the menu obscuring the preview, I think an option to drag by pulling the vertical ruler across could be a good shout.

– yes to both suggestions for the color picker. Also, so-css is a interesting new contender. They’ve closely followed the example of browser consoles with their hover targeting and inspection options. We also plan to follow suit when we upgrade the selector wizard.


@cjseven – the color sampler might be a bit trickier than I expected: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1936021/javascript-eyedropper-tell-color-of-pixel-under-mouse-cursor


Yes, I can imagine that… Cross-browser issues and so on.

I’ve been using a Chrome extension for that which is fine. What I miss the most is a way to save favorite colors.

I see that functionality in thrive themes content builder (https://thrivethemes.com/contentbuilder/) and it is very time-saving.


Hi Antonio, thanks for the link. Yes the palette feature is definitely doable. This will come at the same time as suggested values for numerical fields like padding margin based on previously entered values.



One thing I wanted to see fixed (minor) is when wordpress is installed in a folder. When I invoke microthemer – this shows a page not found, but when I hit the home page all is ok. It’s just running microthemer from the dashboard that causes an issue from a folder install.

I’ll give some css-hero examples as soon as their site is up!!


I’ve gone around in circles with the issue of which WordPress function to use for loading the home page correctly. I used to use site_url(). Then I read that it was more reliable to use home_url() so switched to that (following users reporting the 404 you’re getting). It seems that depending on the WP set-up, either will work for some but not others. Up until now I thought home_url() would work in every situation.

I think the best thing to do will be to check the validity of home_url() when Microthemer first installs. If it returns a 404 not found error, site_url will be used instead. Hopefully that will cater for all set ups.

Thanks for reporting this. I’m very keen to stamp out every single issue, including seemingly minor ones.


Maybe this will help …

Elegantthemes had a similar issue with a customizer module that would not load because of the WP folder install.

The solution was to change this …

setcookie( $option_set_name, $customizer_option_set_cookie, time() + DAY_IN_SECONDS, SITECOOKIEPATH, null, $secure );

To this

setcookie( $option_set_name, $customizer_option_set_cookie, time() + DAY_IN_SECONDS, COOKIEPATH, null, $secure );

Hope this helps


Hey, I think that solution might be specific to the elegant themes customizer, or plugins that use cookies, Microthemer doesn’t actually use any cookies. But thank you very much for sharing your findings.

In other news, I’ve just rolled out version 4.0.8 which includes the landscape dimensions for common devices (I think that you asked for this feature if my memory serves me correctly).


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