A couple of Microthemer questions [specific style edits]

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I have never used Microthemer before and I have a few questions

1) In my header, I want the title and the tagline to be two different fonts. Can I do that?
2) When I adjust the font size in the header, it automatically makes the tagline much larger than the header. How can I reverse that?
3) Can I change the colors on my WordPress theme with Microthemer?


Hi there,

It would help if you could send me a link to your site so that I can advise your more specifically. Either in this thread or privately. But I can reply generally with the following:

  1. Yes, depending on the HTML markup in your theme this can be easy or slightly trickier. But possible.
  2. You need to target the tagline separately from the header. Create a selector for the header, and then a second selector for the tagline. Then set a smaller font-size via the tagline selector.
  3. Yes you can change colours with Microthemer. Look for the color property in the Font group. And the background-color property in the Background group. You can also apply gradient colors on the Gradient group.



Thanks Sebastian. Yes, the site is public and I don’t mind sharing the link: satisfiedbygrace.com

I understand what you’re saying but I can’t seem to find a way to select the title and tagline seperately


Thanks for sending me the link. I may be missing something that is only clear when accessing the site via Microthemer, but it seems like it should be within Microthemer’s remit when I look at the HTML used in your theme.

Double-clicking to create a selector is one method. But there is also a more manual method that may be useful in this situation. To target the site description, double-click anything on the page to launch the selector wizard. Then replace the text in the first highlighted suggestion at the top of the list with:

#site-tagline a

Then fill out the Name and Folder fields above e.g. ‘Site Description Link’ and ‘Header’. Finally, click the CREATE SELECTOR button down at the bottom right. This will create a selector that targets the link element of the site description.

It may be that you were targeting the whole header when you were trying to just target the site title before. In which case, you may want to create a separate selector for the site title using the same method. But this time, use the following selector code instead:

#site-title a

This will target the link element for the site title.

Both the site title and description elements contain ‘child’ link elements. Under some circumstances you might want to target the container elements, rather than the links inside. In which case you would use the following selectors (which omit the a bit).



I hope that helps. If you’re still stuck I would be happy to login to your site if you would like to send me details via our secure contact form. If you’d like to learn things yourself, our responsive tutorial explains the issues at large here. This educational note deals explicitly with nested elements.



Hi Sebastian,

Thanks so much; you’ve been super helpful and I did get this issue resolved.

Now I have a new problem. 🙂 I’m not sure if it’s an issue with Microthemer or if I need to get on a WordPress forum about this but… On my home page the header looks normal, but on the other pages it turns huge. Do you know if this is something I can fix via Microthemer or if this is just a bug on WordPress?


Hey, sorry for the slow reply, I was attending a wedding in the countryside.

Perhaps you have adjusted the site again since messaging me, but the difference I notice in the header is that the text is larger on the home page than it is on other pages (e.g. About). And I can see why. Your theme changes the HTML code in the header slightly. On the home page a h1 element is used, whereas on other pages a div element is used.

In Microthemer, your changes are only affecting the home page because your selector isn’t broad enough to affect the other pages. So I recommend changing the selector from this:

div#builder-module-57f30d09928b7 h1.site-title

To this:

div#builder-module-57f30d09928b7 .site-title

You can do that by clicking the name of the current selector in the top toolbar and modifying the code in the textarea.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you need further assistance.


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