Add a class with Microthemer [possible to add to html?]


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Hi there,

Just a quick question…

I’d like to add some styles to a single sentence in a certain paragraph. Obviously I can’t create a selector for that with Microthemer. So I have to find another way.

Is it possible to create a class for that sentence with Microthemer and than add styles to that class also using Microthemer? (Preferably without coding, unless there is really no other way.)

Thank you in advance!




Hey Hashim, sometimes you can create pseudo selectors that target individual HTML elements that don’t have any uniquely defining ids or classes, e.g. nth-of-type. And the next iteration of Microthemer’s selector wizard will include these.

But sometimes, even nth-of-type doesn’t target just one element. And so you would need to insert an id or class via WordPress’ content editor (on the Text tab), assuming that’s where you wrote the paragraph in question.

If you’re totally stuck, please send me login details via this secure contact form and I can demonstrate for you.


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