Affiliate program [confirmation request that referrals are working]

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It does work on my side… Have received 3 this morning…

Of course, you need to make sure that your link is alright, and that people actually use it (i.e. if they use it, visit the site, but don’t buy right away and come back later directly to, your affiliate link will not be there…).


Hey Antonio,

I’m so sorry, I did actually reply to what I thought was an email from you on the 8th. Forum posts come though to my support email inbox. I now realise your message was a forum post, thanks to Nelson’s follow up. Duh! That explains why I didn’t get a reply 🙂

I initially asked what your affiliate id is, but I’ve got that now so I’ll do a test purchase using your link shortly.

Many thanks,


PS they don’t need to come back right away, the sale will still be attributed if a user comes back within 21 days after clicking an affiliate link.


Great to know! Thanks!


@cjseven I did a test order and it has attributed commission to you $0.54 (I used a big discount coupon). Did you receive the affiliate notification email?




Yep, received. So everything is working fine.

Thank you for taking the time to test.

, thanks for your feedback too.

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