After editing w/ Microthemer, Elementor gets stuck reloading

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As the title notes – once I edit something with Microthemer, when returning to Elementor, it gets stuck “loading” – if I close the tab and re-load the page from the dashboard, it reloads without issues.

(sorry, not sure how to make the image smaller….)



Could you let me know the exact steps you took so I can try to replicate this at my end. I’ve tried this using Chrome, the latest free version of Elementor, with a dark theme, but haven’t been able to produce the issue so far.



Hi again Sebastian – thanks for the quick repsonses!

Seems to be working at the momentl when it happened:

Using Firefox 86.0 (64-bit) Mac –

I open MT, open the page I’d like to inspect, inspect something, cancel targeting, then View > Enable Elementor.



OK, I haven’t been able to replicate the issue when following those steps. So perhaps it was a passing glitch. But if it pops up again please let me know. I am happy to investigate 🙂


Will do, thank you.

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