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I am trying to line up the columns in the Lay Pastoral Assistant table with the table above on this site: using Microthemer and going around in circles.

If some kind soul could help me – I would be most grateful.

Many thanks



Hi, Stephen,

Looks like that first column is the one out of alignment. Try this:

.tablepress td.column-1 {
width: 36%;


Many thanks for helping again Abland 🙂

Stephen – it looks like the tables are aligned now, perhaps you have already followed Ablands advice? The non custom code method would involve double-clicking any table cell in the first column. Then chosing this selector in the selector wizard:

table#tablepress-2 td.column-1

After creating the selector you would go to the dimensions property group and enter 36% in the width field.



Many thanks for the help and the explanation. I have had to configure the column for each device and hope it is right now.

I presume I can leave the CSS in Microthemer and then only copy it to my child theme style sheet CSS should I ever decativate Microthemer ?

Great software and very useful !

Many thanks once for the help once again.



I’m glad you’re enjoying Microthemer Stephen. You don’t actually need to copy any styles. If you want to deactivate or even uninstall Microthemer, a better method is to copy some code to your theme’s functions.php file. Go to the Inactive tab on the MT preferences. You will see some PHP code you can copy. This code will include Microthemer’s stylesheet (active-styles.css) manually. If you ever want to reinstall Microthemer you can edit the styles easily via the interface. Where as if you copy the styles over to your theme, you would only be able to edit the raw CSS code.

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