Autosave [possible to turn off, or limit the time lapse?]

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Hi, Sebastian,

Is it possible to add a preference to either disable the autosave feature, or limit the number of autosaves, or set the number of actions required to trigger autosave?

I’ve noticed when typing in values, like a colour hex value, every keystroke receives a save and the browser starts to bog down.


Hi Abland,

Yes I’m happy to look into this if there is a usability issue. But first, can I just clarify if you are experiencing the normal behaviour? Microthemer should wait 700ms after you have finished typing before it triggers auto-save. It shouldn’t trigger the auto-save on every keystroke. Is that what’s happening?



Thanks, Sebastian. That 700ms must be an issue. I’m a basic two-finger hunt-and-peck typist so that would account for some of the saves. I’m quick enough when typing posts and conversations, but the hex values are type-look-type … and combinations of the same 🙂

In other instances, though, like typing 3px for instance it looks to save after each entry so:
3 (save) p (save) x (save)

That may be related to either IE11 or my specific IE11. Chrome didn’t seem to have that same issue, but I haven’t tested on another machine yet. What happens in IE is it starts out well but gets slower and slower until I either refresh the entire Microthemer interface, or close and re-open the interface.

The only reason I use IE is because clients still do.

That aside I think it would also be useful to have more manual control over the auto-save to limit calls to the database. Being able to set the milliseconds delay might be an answer. I’ll play with it a bit to see if that helps, but also being able to turn it off completely would still be useful from my perspective as my habit is always to save at points along the way.

If this is something that interests the majority then this my +1 🙂


Hi Abland,

Thanks for alerting me to the instant save problem with IE11. I’ll address that. And I’m also happy to have an option for turning off auto-save. I think we had that in the past.

It might not be a bad idea to make all the time intervals in Microthemer configurable. A few people have mentioned problems styling links because the 2nd click comes after the 700ms wait. So perhaps I will increase the wait to 1 second for both typing and double-clicks but make both delays configurable by the user.

Thanks for helping make Microthemer better.


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