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Hi, I`m trying to make an opaqe bg on the text in the paralax images on (password: lipglozz) that had rounded corners and some padding, but i can´t find out how to set that with the microthemer?


Hi there,

If you’re referring to your “Paralaxtext-front” selector, the reason the padding isn’t showing is because you have set the background clip property to ‘content-box’. If you remove that value and add padding and border-radius settings they should show properly.

By the way, the opacity property makes everything opaque, including the text within. But you can overcome this by setting the background color using RGBA instead of using opacity. Paste this value into the background color field (instead of #F2F2F2):

rgba(242, 242, 242, 0.5)

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


ps the color picker will be updated soon to make adding RGB/A values much easier. This is a handy tool in the meantime:


Hi @Sebastian!
Thanks a lot, that helped a lot!

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