Best way to Migrate Work from one site to another?

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I’ve been doing some work on one site for gravity forms that I’d like to pull out and get to another site. What’s the best way to do this? I would like to continue to refine that work with the Microthemer GUI seeing the previous changes as opposed to just a chunk of custom CSS.

I can Dream!
Suspect it would be a feature request, but would love to “Export” one or more folders and apply them elsewhere. Even better if I could take page selectors and reassign them to another page.


Hey Mike,

You needn’t dream about exporting folders, that you can do already. See Packs > Export and then check which ever folders you would like to export to a design pack. Then, go to Packs > Manage and download your export as a zip file.

On your other site, go to Packs > Manage and install the zip file. Then go to Packs > Import and import the folders you exported to the design pack. You will probably want to use the Merge option if you have already made style edits on the other domain.

Adjusting page-specific selectors is a manual process. I recommend editing the selectors via the Selectors menu in the top left, using the edit icon to change the selector code (i.e. replace .mt-123 prefixes with .mt-456).

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you need any further guidance.

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