Best way to remove all the media queries ? [RESOLVED]


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Maybe its a dumb question but I ask it 🙂

I would like to do some major cleaning on the responsive parts in a previously edited MT file. For that I want to kill all the media queries at the same time without having to go selector by selector (and tabs by tabs which kills me …)

Is it possible ? How can I do that ?

note: of course I tried to edit the CSS file but your smarter than that to keep the settings safe 😉


I’m in a worrying situation because I did some edit in the “original” media queries and then, replaced the media queries settings with mine but without killing the styles first.

I see that MT have done the job to “move” the styles to my new queries but I cannot delete the previous settings anymore (the interface buttons appears with the modified state but as “Computed values” in the input area (even while trying to reimport the initial set …)

Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue here ?


Ok, I guess I found the solution by myself.

By deleting all the media queries and applying update media queries, all the queries have been reseted to the default ones and the settings as well in the CSS generated by MT.

Now I just have to delete the original set, create mine and add my styles after that (I guess :))

Sorry for the noise.

update: And I confirm. It worked.



Well done for sorting this yourself, you arrived at the solution I would have suggested if I’d got here in time.


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