Bug? Create Selector – Target CSS [won't scroll vertically – RESOLVED]

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I’m trying to style the menu hover text color in my theme. There are a LOT of css styles in the theme for this, and when I try to scroll down to the bottom of the list, it doesn’t scroll. In other words, the list is so long that I can’t get to the bottom of it. I’ve tried in different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), I’ve tried to select the lowest item I can and then move down the list via “down arrow” on my keyboard…no dice. Is this a bug?


Hi, mwdonnelly,

I can confirm this, too. The vertical overflow doesn’t scroll.

I did find when selecting the lowest term in the styles list, then clicking the scrollbar selector on the left so that it highlights, I could arrow down from there.

Also, zooming out works as well. Both are just interim solutions – I’m sure Sebastian will release a fix pretty quickly.


Hi guys,

I was going to address this issue along with a number of general improvements to the selector wizard but as it’s obviously causing significant usability problems I will fast-track it. As an interim, you should actually be able to get the long list to scroll by dragging the slider down right to the very bottom. Please see this video demonstration: http://somup.com/cof2en6Rj

I knew that the current system wasn’t ideal when I was originally working on it but for some reason the solution didn’t occur to me then, even though it seems rather obvious now. I will switch to a regular scrollbar on the right. Switching between the options will be done by hovering your mouse over them. Clicking an option will select it. If your mouse has a mousewheel this will be a particularly easy to switch between long targeting options.

I’ll get started on this today.


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