Cannot Centre a logo image in Tablet/Mobile

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Can’t tell you how great Microthemer has been for me and fixed a problem on all websites I work with.

I am trying to centre a logo image when it goes to Tablet & mobile but cannot figure it out.
I have tried margin: auto on all divs in and around the logo to no avail.

I am using the Ultimatum Framework and use it on 80% of my websites so if I can figure this I can fix it on most of my websites now and moving forward.

Thank you in advance…



It’s great to hear you’ve been enjoying Microthemer! You had the right idea with setting margin to auto. To center the logo, you need to apply this to the outermost div that you have limited the width of. You have set the width to 150px on the following selector: Div.col-md-3

And so you need to set margin-left and margin-right to auto there. Because otherwise you have a container div that is 150px wide aligned to the left. And setting margin to auto on child elements will only center them within the 150px wide box. Not the full width of the header area.

Does that make sense?

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