Cannot start up Microthemer

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From checking around online this might have something to do with gzipping. Try going to the standalone Microthemer > Preferences page and set “Gzip the Microthemer UI page for faster loading” to “No“. It may be that your server has started applying gzip itself, in a way that is not compatible with Microthemer.

If that doesn’t work, you could try disabling some security or caching plugins. Another possible source of the issue according to an article I found.



Thanks. I already stopped the caching plugin (it used to work anyway) but this did not help.
Now, we set Gzip to ‘no’ but still: at the staging website MT loads, but only shows the top of the page in the window (i can send you a screendump – cannot attach a file in this forum).
The other website, the live one, has the exact same issue. (yesterday it did not load at all 😉 now we have the same window.
Any other idea?



Could you try installing the following version which fixes an issue another user had with launching MT in a new window from a different domain to the one MT runs on:

If that doesn’t work, would you mind sending access details via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot this for you?


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