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I have an image in a table, and cant seem to center it.

I have tried all the options, but some of them also change the text to the left of the image.

I would like the yellow button (greyed out so you can see the box selected) to center vertically and horozontally.

Any help would be fantastic.




Hi there,

Would you mind emailing me a link to your site (if you’d prefer not to post it here): ? It’s hard to give definitive advice just from the picture. But you could try the following:

  1. Set text-align to ‘center’ on the table cells – but depending on the HTML of the page it might not be possible to set this only on the far right column.
  2. Target the button (not the table cells) and set both left and right margin to: auto
  3. You may need to set the button’s display to ‘block’ on the behaviour tab for the above rule to work
  4. Microthemer doesn’t currently have a vertical-align property. We’ll add this to the text property group soon (to be honest your post has just made me aware that we’re not supporting it). In the meantime, I can provide you with some custom code once you’ve sent me a link to your site




I did manage to fix it for the most part, by using inline-block in the Behavior setting.
There is just a minor vertical issue.

I have sent you some details.

I will wait for the vertical-align update, and this should fix the issue perfectly!

Thanks for a great plugin!


OK James,

I’ll add the vertical-align property as soon as Monika creates an icon for it.

But please don’t hang too much hope on it. I must admit that I hate the vertical align property. Perhaps I subconsciously sabotaged it when I failed to include it. It only works for me half the time. And if I’ve ever learned why, I’ve subsequently forgotten.

But regardless, I will help you align your button somehow some way.



Sounds good.

There is always a manual fix, but I haven’t found it quite yet.



ps did you get my email reply about the table cell rows? I think there may be an issue with the HTML table that holds your buttons.


Sorry for the extra long delay!

Yes, I did get your email with the possible problem, thank you so much!

I have gone over it, and it appears fine in plain html, but I think when using wordpress, other css may be interfering. I have had this problem before with WordPress.

I will try a few fixes, then probably just use a full table and now spanning columns, and put the image in the center box.

Thanks again for your great support!


You’re welcome James, I’m glad you’ve managed to find a way forward.


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