Can’t seem to change the colour of the hamburger menu in one language

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I have a dual language site where the main language is Dutch and the secondary language is English.

The Dutch language hamburger menu shows up fine in black without me messing with the CSS. Just needed to adjust the theme settings.

The English language hamburger menu seems to be in need of some CSS to show up because messing with the theme settings didn’t do anything. But I can’t seem to adjust it’s colour.

Can anyone have a look?


Hey Martin,

It looks like on the English version of the page the hamburger menu is missing some Font Awesome classes necessary to display the icon.

Specifically, you need to add these classes: fa-align-justify fas

So instead of:

awb-menu__m-collapse-icon-open awb-menu__m-collapse-icon-open_no-text businesscoachalign-right-solid

It would be:

awb-menu__m-collapse-icon-open awb-menu__m-collapse-icon-open_no-text businesscoachalign-right-solid fa-align-justify fas

Is it possible for you to update the HTML to include those classes?



Hi Sebastian,

Man I feel like a fool. I completely forgot to add the icons!. Now I have added the Font awesome icons the menu shows.

Only took me days messing with it and your comment to figure that one out hahahaha. Good that I am not paid by the hour LOL.

Thanks for taking the time and I wish you a lovely evening.



You’re welcome Martin, it’s the simple things that can get me for the longest too 🙂

Happy Halloween!


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