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Hi there

I’m having trouble targeting buttons.

When I go to select the target, the button clicks and (for example) a pop up opens, meaning I can’t target the selector I need.

Video –

Am I missing something/doing something wrong?

I’ve searched Google but can’t find anything.

A steer in the right direction would be much appreciated.




Hey Mark,

Thanks for sharing your video. Microthemer block links from going to new pages and buttons from submitting forms in targeting mode. But if custom behaviour has been applied to the button, like a popup, you will need to select the button in Microthemer without actually clicking it.

I see from your video that you work with the advanced targeting options expanded. That’s good because the solution I usually recommend involves using the HTML pane on the left. Please do the following:

  1. Click on a parent element of the button. Or any other element nearby.
  2. Look in the HTML pane for a line which starts with <button.. or <input…
  3. Click that line of HTML. This will select the button in the same way as if you clicked it.
  4. Click the CREATE SELECTOR button when you’re ready

It’s also possible to use the directional arrow icons or the breadcrumbs below the HTML pane to achieve the same thing. So whatever you find easier.

I hope that helps. Please send a link to the page you’re working on if you’re still struggling.


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