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I don’t know why, but my changes are never saved. For example I am working on the home page, and in certain parts of the page I make changes, they are supposed to be saved automatically.then I go to another page the arrangement I go again to the home page and it is already in another way and so on continuously I do not know what I’m doing wrong.Virtually the changes I make are padding.

(max-width: 1200px)

(max-width: 767px)

(min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px)

(max-width: 480px)



For more info I work with DIVI. Will it have to do with cache?



Looking at your Microthemer stylesheet, I can only see flexbox styles set via the Large Desktop tab (min-width: 1200px) . Perhaps you removed the padding styles since? Or I’m not seeing the most up to date stylesheet…

I also notice that the classes Microthemer is picking up by default are fairly generic:

  • .et_pb_row_2
  • .et_pb_row_1
  • .et_pb_row_4

And so they probably affect multiple elements, on multiple pages on your site. To make Microthemer’s selectors specific to the current page only, enable the page-id modifier during targeting mode. You then turn this off when you want to add styles globally, like when styling a header or footer that appears on many pages.

As well as limiting the scope of all MT selectors to the specific page you’re working on, you can also change which class or id Microthemer uses to target elements. Watch the targeting video for some general tips there (also available via Microthemer’s Help menu at the top right of the interface).

I suspect the issues you encountered are because your selectors are affecting more pages than you realise. So when you return to the home page, unintended changes have been made. However, caching is always a potential explanation if your changes don’t seem to stick when you view the site as a non-logged in user. If you think my theory about overly generic selectors isn’t the whole picture in your case, please let me know!


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