Changing or Deactivating A Licence Domain

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We have purchased a 3 site licence from you, 2 of which are development domains (in sub-folders of the final live domain)

When we go live with those domains, do we need to reactivate the final domains.

Additionally, if we wanted to move one of our active domain licences to a new domain, how do we deactivate a current domain licence to free it up for a different domain?



The standard license permits installing Microthemer on 3 sites in total, not 3 sites at the same time. So it’s not possible to transfer site licenses. This is because it’s a feature of Microthemer that you can completely uninstall it after making style edits, and still have the changes stick. See MTs Preferences > Inactive tab for more information on that. As such, there would be little advantage of the developer license if the standard license wasn’t for 3 sites in total.

However, in the case of dev/staging domains, I’m happy to manually delete those from your quota upon request. Just send me a quick message when you’re ready to go live.


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