Changing The "Label" Name Of A Selector

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Let me say right up front, I’m a Microthemer newbie and so I’m probably looking right over how to do this. I can see how to easily change the “Code” for a Selector but I can’t see how to get to the “Label” name in order to change it. I looked in the Docs, searched the website, scanned through the Forums, I even did a “Google” search and I couldn’t find the answer.

There has to be an easy way to do this.


Oh, now I see, you have to unsync it first to gain access to the Label.


Yes, that’s the one. And sorry for the slow reply, I’ve just travelling all day today.

You’re right, the docs doesn’t cover that feature yet. I’m actually working on two walk-through videos, a basic usage one and a more detailed one which will cover the finer details of the interface like that feature. If you’ve signed up to our newsletter you will get notified when these are available.


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