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Hi, what must I do to choose font awesome in microthemer font family area? Do I have to install or import something first?




So in the video “Font Awesome 5 Free” came up in the dropdown menu because I had already entered that value manually. MT always lists recent values in the dropdown menus. If you are loading Font-awesome by adding an @import rule in the full code view, as shown in the video:

@import url("");

You will need to manually enter “Font Awesome 5 Free” in the font-family field, the first time you use it.

However, it’s worth noting that it might be a bit better for performance to load the font-awesome stylesheet using some PHP enqueue code, if you have the technical ability to do so. As @import downloads sequentially, rather than in parallel to other CSS files, which happens when you load it using a regular HTML link element.

I used the @import example in the video just to quickly load Font Awesome for demonstration purposes.



I’ve now fixed the issue with forum notifications, just in case you missed my previous reply.

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