"Clear All styles but leave folders…" does not work 100% [RESOLVED]

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Hi Sebastian,

I did a few tests of the feature “Clear All styles but leave folders and selectors intact” and I can say that there are still some properties remaining in the CSS file after I use it.

I’m doing a lot of CSS experiments and sometimes, I want to start from scratch but I want to keep my precious selectors (it is not that easy to target them :))

My process :
– I do a backup of the current settings (just in case I change my mind)
– I use the button “Clear All styles but leave folders and selectors intact”
I check the source code (view the CSS code that MT generate button) and …I still find customized styles in the source

Of course, If I use the “other” button -> “Reset the interface to the default empty folders” everything is cleared but … I lose my precious selectors. (my customized media queries are still there)

note (in case it could be helpful) :
– For my workflow, I create many extra folders (I have my own way to define how to structure my styles)
– I also don’t use the standard media queries but create my own instead


Hi Batsteek,

Thanks for reporting this. Would you mind emailing me the backup you made of your current settings before trying to clear them? You can download the backup you made as a zip file from the ‘Install & Manage Design Packs’ window. I will then install your settings on my testing server and see what remains after performing a clear.

By the way, we had a long discussion about the responsive media query tabs after you posted that they can be a bit painful to work with. We agree that there is definitely scope for improvement there (to improve continuity of the interface and ease management). We’re going to create a mock up of how this will work and ask our members to feedback on it before we actually code anything. Please keep an eye out for this in the next newsletter. Your thoughts would be very useful at the planning stage.



Hi Sebastian,

You have mail (sent at sales@….) with my settings in a zip file.
And good news for the media queries ux ! Glad that my feedback helped the thinking process 😉

I will – of course – provide my feedback.



Thanks for sending through the zip file batseek. I can see that custom CSS code doesn’t get reset and nor do the media query tab styles. I will release a bug fix update tomorrow.


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