Columns not responsive in MT

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Hey there! Trying to edit mobile views but my columns (page built with Beaver Builder) aren’t changing to stack when MT is open? They’re still just 50/50. If I open the site on my phone or chrome inspector it looks as it should. Just not when MT is open, which is making it hard to edit.


Hey Andrew,

I probably need to check this from the MT side. Would you mind providing temporary access details for the site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot this for you? You can use this handy plugin to provide temporary access easily.

This might be obvious, but worth pointing out for other readers if not for you – is the view in Microthemer exactly the same width as what you are viewing on your mobile or with Chrome dev tools? If it’s wider in MT (because the responsive breakpoint max-width is wider) you can tweak the preview width by dragging the top ruler left.


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