Conditionals in folder settings don’t match actual conditionals


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Hi Sebastian,

Scenario: I have one folder (General) with conditionals applied in the folder settings. Other folders (e.g. Spectra) have no conditionals applied.

Steps to replicate

  1. Refresh the page and view other folders (e.g. Spectra). You will see that there are no conditions applied.
  2. Go to the (General) folder and open the modal. You will see the conditionals applied to that folder.
  3. Go back to the other folder (Spectra) and open the modal. It will show as if there are conditionals applied to that folder when actually there are no conditions applied.
  4. Refresh the page and the modal will show there are no conditions applied applied to (Spectra).

Here’s a screencast showing what I’m seeing:


Thanks a lot for reporting this Norm, it was an important one to fix, which version does.

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