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Notice: this information was written when Microthemer version 2 was current. On Dec 26th, 2014 version 3 was released with a completely new interface. Some of the information may be redundant, but as much of the functionality remains the same in version 3 we haven't deleted this post.

When I set up my Contact Form 7 fields everything looks fine. When I apply Microloader and the form theme, one field inherits the background color from the theme, and moves out of alignment. All other form fields are white. Why would this happen. I checked to form filed code and don’t see anythinh out of place.


Hi there,

I’ve updated the Plugin Pack to accommodate inputs with type=”email” now. If you delete the current “cf7 white beauty” and download and install this new one here it should work:




Thank-you… well i’ve managed to get the form the way i like… still unable to get it to be responsive. I did hcode the css where Sebastian said… but maybe i’m doing it wrong 🙁 i’m liking the feel of the whole microthemer… i guess i’m still trying to work out wordpress files… its all quite new to me.

this is what i added in

screen and (max-width: 380px) {
#contact_form {
padding:0px !important;


but when i check in firefox…. it still not reducing?

here is the development site…

oh the colours are there so i can see what i’m doing lol


Hi there,

This looks like a specificity issue. In your media query you’ve got:
as the selector. And:
as the style rule. This is being trumped by the code Microthemer is auto-generating.

The selector Microthemer is using is more specific.
And the style rule has !important status:
width: 860px !important;

By default Microthemer automatically adds !important to every style rule, to reduce the odds of new users bumping up against CSS specificity issues. But if you’re making use of the hand-coding feature it might be a bit tedious to add !important all the time, so I would recommend turning this option off via Microthemer’s preferences page.

You will also need to adjust your custom CSS selector so that it is more specific than:
You could try:
body div#contact_form

I hope that’s helpful!


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