Crash report – Plugin crashes page and doesn't load

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Hi MT team,

I’m needing some support fixing an issue with MT’s plugin.
A couple of days ago it started taking more than 20sec to load the frontend preview while editing my page.
At that time some errors popped up on the screen on the right, for e.g. “could not find function b.attr” “could not find function replace for undefined” something regarding .js

It advised me to debug my site using developers tools, but I’m not sure I was reviewing it well – when opening google developer tools it showed me ” debug front_global.js?t=881&ver=5c5c8d7268f2718e6381c4044b2d53c2:17 debug” that relates to a button plugin I have

I deactivated it but still my microthemer does not load – it opens up and keeps loading until a page error shows up showing saying: no reply on the page – do you wish to stop or wait for microthemer?

When i resize my browser for a smaller viewport it crashes the page. when I acess it on my phone it also crashes……..

The last thing I’ve done was to define a custom css code thru the code editor in the plugin to be able to set the rules for an element that I was not being able to restyle thru the buttons – had to add !important on the custom code

I sincerely need help because right now my site is not mobile accessible and I have to finish up editing some items on the site.

thankyou for your help.

my site is

please reply as soon as you can.


Hey, could you send login details to your site via this secure contact form please?

I will troubleshoot this as soon as I can, which may be tomorrow morning.



details sent.

thank you


Please ignore the last reply on this thread, which I’ve now deleted. It was posted on the wrong thread. I’ll respond to your issue shortly.


OK, I think I’m going to need a backup of your site (including an export of your database) in order to get to the bottom of this. Is that something you could do for me? There are plugins that can do this if it’s too technical for you.

Because the interface is stuck, I will need a copy of the site so that I can turn off functionality via code. And I wouldn’t want to mess up your live site.



ps I’ve temporarily disabled Microthemer so that your sites works on mobile for now.


Hi Sebastian
I’ve updated MT thru FTP but the problem remains

When opening MT it gets stuck.
My site is currently unstyled so that the pages are able to load, but it doesnt look very good.

I cannot retrieve the code I should use in functions php to enable MT’s style without the plugin – when I open Mt it crashes

I am backing up my database and contents.
I can give you full access to my server but I would prefer to send u this info thru whatsapp or viber

I’m really on a tight schedule and have a meeting in 2 hours time
If you are able, please give me a call or message thru one of these apps so that I can send you my details.

My phone number is [phone number removed by admin]

thx for ur help

talk to u shortly



Here is the code for calling Microthemer’s stylesheet manually:

/* Begin Microthemer Code */
function add_microthemer_css() {
    if (!defined('MT_IS_ACTIVE')) {
        $p = get_option('preferences_themer_loader');
        if (!empty($p['g_fonts_used'])){
            $p['g_url'] = !empty($p['gfont_subset']) ? $p['g_url'] . $p['gfont_subset'] : $p['g_url'];
            wp_register_style( 'microthemer_g_font', $p['g_url'], false );
            wp_enqueue_style( 'microthemer_g_font' );
        wp_register_style( 'microthemer', content_url() . '/micro-themes/active-styles.css');
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'add_microthemer_css');
/* End Microthemer Code */

I’ve also sent you a message on What’s App. I will remove your phone number from the forum now.

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