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Hello Sebastian

Would it be possible to show the best way of creating a simple modal popup in Bricks builder, please?

I’m ok with creating a popup by just using CCS only but unsure if I should if it’s best to use javascript. One of the things that I looking to do is to close the modal by clicking on an X icon or close button and the modal background. I’m not sure how to close the modal when a user clicks on the background.

Would it be possible to create a video on how to create a simple modal?

On the bricks builder website, there are over 1000 upvotes for this feature but maybe a while before it’s implemented. I was thinking that Microthemer could be used in the meantime to create a modal.

Many thanks in advance.



Thanks for your request. I could create a tutorial for doing this with Microthemer purely in CSS like this method. And also provide some custom JavaScript so that the modal closes when you click outside the modal content area. I should be able do this at some point this week.


stephen Jeffers

Hello Sebastian

That’s brilliant and thanks. It’ll be good for beginners to see your product solve real-world problems no matter which theme is used.



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