CSS Targeting no longer working since Microthemer 4.75 upgrade

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One door opens, another closes.
Since I upgraded to the new version of Microthemer, my CSS targeting no longer works.
I double click on an item on the page, and the css targeting box is blank.



Hi Artman, sorry for the trouble. Could you send me login details for your site via this secure contact form so that I can investigate a fix?

If you could let me know which element you double-clicked that would help too.

Many thanks,


Hey Sebastian,

No matter what I did, I could not get Microthemer CSS targeting to work. I disabled all my plugins, tried it on different computers with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE10.

So at this point I just disabled it. I used your code to load active-styles.css in my child-theme functions.php. file.

It must be something with this particular theme. I was able to make most of my changes with Microthemer before it crapped out, so all is not lost.


OK, if you need anything more from me I’m here.

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