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I’m targeting CSS on an archive page:

Using the Microthemer targeting tool, I’m able to zero in to .post-type-archive-staff, but what I’m really trying to reach is .post-type-archive-staff .entry-summary and .post-type-archive-staff .entry-title

In situations like this, it’s probably easier for me to manually enter the selector. What’s the recommended action for that? I don’t see it when in targeting mode.

Also, when in targeting mode, I don’t see an option to create a folder on the fly…just the defaults like General, Header, etc. Is that not possible?


BTW – love the version 5 updates and integration with Beaver Builder.



Great to hear that you’re enjoying the new version of Microthemer!

Here’s a video demonstration of prefixing the MT selectors with the category class. And creating a new folder on the fly. The MT suggestions are editable. And you can enter custom text in the folder field to create a new folder.

Currently, prefixing is the only option for achieving what you want. But as I hint at right at the end of the video, I intend to add a field under the Page specific bit for entering a custom class or id. And then MT will automatically prefix all selectors with it. So you would just enter .post-type-archive-staff there once.

In your case, you might actually be able to just click the ‘page-id’ option via the CSS modifiers pop-down shown at the end of the video. MT will then prefix all of your selectors with .mt-4696, which is the unique page id for that category page. However, I’m not 100% sure if this is as robust as using the category class. Because the page id might change with pagination. And possibly in other ways I haven’t foreseen…

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