Customers sent through affiliate link's information [how to access contact info]

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Hi Sebastian,

I don’t know if it’s for privacy or just the way the system works, but whenever somebody buys through our affiliate link, we only receive an email specifying that we made a new commission…

As you know, I’m offering a training site for everyone that buys through my link, but since I don’t have any of the buyer’s information, I must ask them on FB to give me their email, name, desired username and password (for the account creation)… The problem is that some don’t see it and might be frustrated that they don’t get access to the training (and even though I say it, some people still thinks that I’m Microthemer’s developer…) and also if I make a couple of sales close, there’s no way for me to actually validate that someone who’s asking for my training has actually bought through my link (or bought at all)…

So, would that be possible to have the name and email of the buyer, or it’s private information?


Hey Nelson,

I wouldn’t be able to share my customers’ names and emails with you because this would breach our privacy policy. But what I could do is send buyers that use your affiliate link a unique code. And send you the very same code. This would allow you can validate which users have made a purchase. And if you like, you could grant access to your training videos to any user that can enter a valid code on your site.

I’ll need to make some changes to our cart system. But I’m happy to do so as you’ve shown so much support for Microthemer. Perhaps we should continue this conversion offline?


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